Wireless Safety Tips for Travelers from PRIVATE WiFi and STOP.THINK.CONNECT.: [INFOGRAPHIC]


Warning: There is an invisible security threat that you will encounter on your next vacation. No matter where you are going or when, you will likely encounter WiFi on your journey. While the convenience of such a connection is alluring to any vacationer, understanding the dangers associated with using that wireless hotspot are paramount.

Remember that WiFi is just radiowaves and anyone can listen in to anything you send and receive on that connection. So whether you are using WiFi at your hotel, the airport, or a tourist attraction, you can potentially be exposed. If you are checking your bank account, reserving a hotel room, or even booking a plane ticket, that sensitive data is vulnerable.

“Being connected while traveling can make a travel experience even more rewarding,” explains Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). “However, it’s important to understand the risks you may encounter while traveling and take care to protect yourself on the go.”

Remember to be smart when you connect to WiFi. The below infographic from NCSA’s education and awareness campaign, STOP.THINK.CONNECT., and PRIVATE WiFi, includes five tips that will keep you secure when using WiFi on the road.

“The most important thing to remember when on any open WiFi is that it isn’t secure. The only way to truly guarantee your privacy and safety is to use a personal virtual private network (VPN) to protect all the information you send and receive,” says Kent Lawson, CEO of PRIVATE WiFi. “For travelers, using a VPN like PRIVATE WiFi is the simplest way to keep safe on WiFi.”


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Jillian Ryan

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