Why I Started Private Communications Corporation


With the launch of our new data compression product, DataCompress, it seems like a good time to revisit why I started Private Communications Corporation (PCC).

Ever since launching PCC in 2010, many people have asked what motivated me to emerge from a fulfilling retirement to launch a new company.

After all, I had spent twenty hectic years running my previous company – you have to throw everything you have into being an entrepreneur. I had retired in 1997 and was very much enjoying the opportunity to relax a bit, travel a lot, and had become heavily involved in several rewarding non-profit organizations. So why start anew?

After reading an article in The Wall Street Journal that talked about communication vulnerability and WiFi hotspots, I realized the opportunity that was being given to me. The article’s conclusion was akin to “…so be careful what you transmit in hotspots.” A few weeks later, I read a similar article in the New York Times that offered equally feeble consumer solutions.

I had become sensitized to the problem while serving on the board of a technology company that was dipping its toe into online security but lacked the resources to do anything with it.

I explored whether someone else already had a viable consumer solution. Although every IT department in a large company offers virtual private networks (VPNs) to employees who travel or spend some time working in their local coffee shops, I was stymied when looking for a sophisticated yet simple consumer privacy product.

All I could find were either super-techy “geek” solutions that don’t appeal to consumers or were an advertising-supported solution. Quite frankly, I believe it is contradictory to have the intrusion of advertising when you’re selling a privacy product!

So, I bought the technology from the company whose board I was on, and I assembled a team to help develop what is now PRIVATE WiFi.

PRIVATE WiFi: A VPN for the Rest of Us

PRIVATE WiFi was our first privacy offering.

It was a VPN for on the go employees who had to access sensitive business information while accessing public WiFi, people worried about credit card fraud and identity theft, professionals who worked outside their offices and needed to access confidential information, as well as employees working for a small-to-medium business without the resources of a dedicated IT department.

It was easy to download and use and offered the peace of mind that comes from knowing that everything you do on public WiFi was safe from hackers and other prying eyes.

DataCompress: Save Data and Money

I’m excited to tell you about our newest product, DataCompress. DataCompress allows Android users to cut their mobile data use by up to 50%. It lets you consume less data so you can squeeze more value from your mobile data plan. It fits perfectly with our focus on providing tools and services to optimize and secure your mobile experience.

We have always stood for empowering consumers when it comes to protecting themselves online. With the release of DataCompress, we are excited to extend this protection to include controlling costly data fees.

If you want to find out more about DataCompress, I encourage you to go to http://www.datacompress.com/. You can even download a trial for free!


I would also like to bring attention to the recent overhaul of our blog. Our original intent was for the blog to foster community and communicate on all industry trends regarding WiFi and privacy. We think the new look to our blog makes it even easier for you to find all the information you need to know about.

This blog is our way to keep you current on privacy news that matter to you. We also use it showcase other writers and industry experts sharing pertinent, informative content, including how to protect your privacy on social media sites and ways to prevent identity theft.

Feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly at ceo@privatewifi.com if you have any article ideas or want to share your computer privacy experiences. Be sure to friend us on Facebook and follow our Twitter feed as well. We’re happy that you are a part of our community.

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Get DataCompress   Cut your mobile data usage.

Kent Lawson

Kent Lawson is the CEO & Chairman of Private Communications Corporation and creator of its flagship software PRIVATE WiFi. He combined his extensive business and technical experience to develop PRIVATE WiFi in 2010. The software is an easy-to-use Virtual Private Network (VPN) that protects your sensitive personal information whenever you’re connected to a public WiFi network. Follow Kent on Twitter: @KentLawson.

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