Video Challenge Winners: Creative Shorts Take Home the Prize


Using this musical skit from Pants on Fire as their inspiration, we challenged our Facebook fans to create a short video about PRIVATE WiFi. While all of the entries in our “It’s PRIVATE WIFI:” Video Challenge showed great promise, only two could walk away victorious. And here they are:

The Grand Prize Winner, 13-year-old Lincoln Hawks from Oklahoma, created his video, “It’s PRIVATE WiFi Spy” for the contest and it took home the $500! Watch as a young girl logs onto a public WiFi network at a hotel. She is about to have her information stolen by an evil hacker…but then the PRIVATE WiFi Spy comes to the rescue and downloads PRIVATE WiFi’s VPN to protect her from lurking cybercrooks. With her privacy and security ensured, the films ends with a very mad hacker!

The Runner Up video was created by Travis Moulding from Utah. He won a $250 prize! A worried father sits at his computer and learns he has been hacked after using public WiFi. He believes that to protect himself he can use tin foil. After calling dear old dad “weird,” his young son smartly informs him that staying safe in a public hotspot is easy: all you need is a VPN like PRIVATE WiFi.

Did you miss the contest? You can still create a PRIVATE WiFi themed video; just share with us on our Facebook Page.


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Jillian Ryan

Jillian Ryan is PRIVATE WiFi's Director, Brand Communications and Social Strategy. With a passion for writing, the web, and fast-paced information exchanged via social networks, Jillian is also concerned about the ramifications of putting your life details and personal data into cyberspace. Follow her on Twitter: @Writing_Jillian.

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