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How Cyberpunks Hack Wifi Hotspots

Think hacking is difficult? Think again. CEO Kent Lawson outlines the two basic ways that cyberpunks can snoop on your online activities and explains why security experts (and even most WiFi hotspot Terms and Conditions) urge consumers to use a Virtual Private Network to secure their Internet communications.

Should You Buy When You’re on Wifi?

Eight in ten Americans shop online at least once a week. But many consumers worry that ecommerce is putting their personal information at risk. Find out what to expect when you buy on WiFi hotspots and what you can do to shop safely.

Why Seniors Are Easy Targets for Online Identity Theft

Americans over 65 are easy targets for online identity theft. That’s because they grew up in an era when there were no personal computers or cybercrime. If you’re a senior, find out what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

Have You Been Hacked Using On Campus Wifi?

If you’re a college student addicted to WiFi, when you’re surfing the Internet or cracking the books on campus, you could get hacked. That’s because some school wireless networks that students hop onto every day aren’t controlled or secured by their IT administrators.


Report from the InfoSec World Conference: Game-Changing HTML5 Will Alter Browser Security

What’s HTML5? In this week’s post from CEO Kent Lawson, he says it could mean that every time you visit a website, you will be potentially ceding control of your laptop, tablet, or phone to someone else. Read on for more information about the future of website browsing security and what it means for our safety and security online.

Medical Identity Theft Could Be Dangerous to Your Health

Nearly one and a half million U.S. consumers were victims of medical identity theft in 2010, according to a study by The Ponemon Institute. Even more shocking: Nine out of ten U.S. consumers know nothing about the crime. If you’re one of them, that could be dangerous to your health and your finances.

How Identity Thieves Can Steal Your Tax Refund

If you find yourself waiting longer than usual for your income tax refund this year, it could be because identity thieves have already claimed it. Tax related identity theft is the fastest growing form of ID theft, according to a recent Scripps Howard News Service investigation. Find out what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.


Ask the Expert: What Exactly Is a VPN?

You’ve heard VPN used several times, but do you REALLY know how it works? In this latest “Ask the Expert” series, Private WiFi’s CEO Kent Lawson explains what a virtual private network really does to ensure your computer safety, particularly at your most vulnerable moments — using the Internet in WiFi hotspots such as a coffee shop, hotel room, or airport lounge.

Hotel Wifi Hacking is on the Rise

Hacking unsecured wireless networks at hotels is easier and safer than robbing guests’ rooms or cracking their safes. For cybercriminals in search of an easy target, the payoff is much bigger.

Are you a Wifi Moocher?

f you’re someone who thinks an unsecured WiFi connection is an open invitation to come on in, you’re not alone. A new poll found that nearly one in three WiFi users who responded have tried connecting to someone else’s WiFi without asking. Are WiFi moochers WiFi thieves? What do you think?