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Social Networking Security: Privacy Steps to Take Today

This week we are fortunate to have guest writer Susie Jones, author of 8 Core Values: Security, Privacy, and Asset Protection. A business owner for the past 20 years — with the last six years spent working in online business ventures — today she shares the issue of online privacy invasions, learning to “opt out” of websites that track your information, and other steps to protect yourself online. Click above to read her suggestions for online security measures.

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How Identity Theft Happens on Social Networking Sites

Because you must divulge some level of personal information in order to use and fully benefit from social networking sites, the risk of identity theft exists for people who use them. Learn  the ways that you might put yourself at risk of identity theft and how to prevent this.

#ilikeprivacy Contest Reveals Serious Privacy Concerns

Last month Private WiFi sponsored an #ilikeprivacy contest on Twitter. As we asked our followers to tweet about their biggest online privacy concerns, a common thread emerged: so many of you are worried about your security, privacy and safety online.

Are Seniors Safe Socializing & Dating Online?: The Social Media Privacy Report

Social networking and online dating websites are not just for the younger demographic. Seniors are flocking to the internet and using these sites to connect with old friends, keep up with family and even find love. But just like all users, seniors need to make sure they protect their online security and internet privacy while logging on.

Children, Teens and Social Networks: The Social Media Privacy Report

As concerns with internet privacy continue to loom, minors are joining social networks at a rapid speed. What are children and teens doing or saying on these sites? Parents need to protect the online security of their children. In this edition of The Social Media Privacy Report, we lay out some suggestions to keep kids safe as they use social networks.

Location Based Check-Ins and the Loss of Your Privacy and Security: The Social Media Privacy Report

Location Based Services are becoming more popular than ever. On smartphones, users are making the technology mainstream as they locate nearby services and check-in to businesses and establishments. But sharing this much information via social media can hinder your internet security and online privacy.

Online Privacy Diminishes with Facebook and Users Keep Coming Back For More: The Social Media Privacy Report

This week’s installment of the Social Media Privacy Report examines the discrepancy between growing online security concerns among experts and internet users’ apathetic attitude towards the threat to their internet safety and privacy. Meanwhile, Facebook remains at the pinnacle of the social media frenzy and despite web protection issues, it continues to thrive.