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Hacked Hotel Company Exposes Guests’ Credit Card Information

It’s the latest in the wave of cyber attacks to hit American businesses.

Guests at some hotels managed by White Lodging Services Corporation – which include such brands as Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Sheraton – may have had their credit and debit card information stolen in a data breach that went on for most of 2013.

Nearly Half of South Korea Has Their Credit Cards Stolen

Recently, a single security contractor at the Korean Credit Bureau, a risk management and fraud detection service, was able to download and steal consumer records of over 20 million people, from three of South Korea’s major credit card companies.  That’s nearly half the population of South Korea!

Secure Payments: Is EMV for Me?

In light of recent credit card fraud incidents at national retailers such as Target and Neiman Marcus, Americans are looking to alternative technology to the standard magnetic strip used on credit cards, widely used since the 1960s.

EMV includes a chip, where the data is encrypted and much harder to access or duplicate. It offers more protection to consumers and reduces fraud risks than the somewhat ancient magnetic strip technology. So it is for you?

Shopping at WiFi Hotspots Could Lead to a Not-So-Merry Mobile Christmas

Cyber grinches are shopping at WiFi hotspots this holiday season – and they’re seeking your sensitive information. And if 2013 is any indication — keep in mind Cyber Monday became the biggest online shopping day in history, racking up a record $2.29 billion in online sales — they’ll continue to make out like bandits. Find out how you can avoid becoming a holiday hotspot hacking victim when you shop online.

The FDIC Reviews Mobile Payment Systems

In 2011, the technology world was all abuzz with news of a new payment system which could turn your smartphone into a virtual wallet. Google was the first to come forward with their Google Wallet and they partnered with Visa and MasterCard to produce Near Field Communication systems in a limited number of smartphones.

Find out what the FDIC and other experts have to say about this service.