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‘Disruption by Design’ – Trends From the Wired Business Conference

CEO Kent Lawson attended the annual Wired Business Conference in New York, and the theme was how discontinuous change occurs in an industry. In other words, disruption in an industry always comes from the outside. Those inside the industry are good at incremental improvements, but it is hard for them to see things very far outside their familiar context. It takes an outsider’s view to envision things dramatically different from how they currently are. Read on for more trends and insights from the conference.


Facebook and Other Online Privacy Shockers: Should You Be Afraid of ‘the Cloud?’

Did you know that Facebook claims legal ownership of whatever we upload to them? Turns out you have no right to retrieve your information or any ability to permanently delete it. As CEO Kent Lawson reports in this article, that is just one example of a “downside” to sharing data, photos, or other sensitive personal information via “the cloud,” which is simply a metaphor for the Internet. Not ready to lose control of your personal information? Then keep reading to learn more about “the cloud” — where it’s been and, more importantly, where it’s going.


Hacking Incorporated: The Target is Your Wireless Data

In the Wireless Age, hackers are becoming big time entrepreneurs, joining forces with others in multinational white collar organizations dedicated to cybercrime. Their target is your wireless data.