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Emotional Impact of Identity Theft


Identity theft is a complex problem and it can affect the emotional stability of the victim and that of the victim’s family.  At one point or another, victims of this crime may experience helplessness, anger, rage, betrayal, depression, isolation, vulnerability, and an inability to trust those around them.  Feeling overwhelmed, experiencing a psychological pain of loss, and a loss of control over their life are common emotions.  It is important to understand that identity theft is a life-altering crime.



Identity Theft Prevention for Job Seekers

During the search for a new employment, job seekers may be at a slightly higher level of risk to identity theft. This fact sheet is designed to help you become aware of potential problem areas so that you can avoid them


Something New to Worry About — Your Camera and Online Privacy!

Before you upload pics from your Labor Day weekend extravaganza — and the rest of your summer vacation photos — check out what CEO Kent Lawson has to say about the risks of sharing digital photos online. In his latest “best of” series, we revisit what “modern” cameras record, how to turn off GPS tracking, and other ways to keep your identity safer online.

How Social Engineering is Threatening Our Online Security on Social Networks

Cybercriminals are using social engineering techniques to hack humans on social networks in record numbers. Why?  Because it’s often easier than hacking technology.  And the rewards can be a lot bigger.  Find out how you can avoid becoming a victim of some of the most common social media cons.

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How Identity Theft Happens on Social Networking Sites

Because you must divulge some level of personal information in order to use and fully benefit from social networking sites, the risk of identity theft exists for people who use them. Learn  the ways that you might put yourself at risk of identity theft and how to prevent this.

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Honey, I Stole Your Identity

It can be very hard on somebody to find out that their Social Security Number (SSN) has been used for fraudulent purposes by their spouse.  Unfortunately the normal procedure for clearing your credit reports of these fraudulent charges does not apply if you are currently married to the person using your information fraudulently.

How Identity Thieves Steal Our Lives from the Cradle to the Grave: Part II: Robbing the Grave

Identity thieves are targeting Americans in record numbers.  And a growing number of their victims have one thing in common:  They’re dead.  Find out about the IRS and Social Security system flaws that allow cybercriminals to steal the identity of your loved ones while you’re still mourning their loss.

Ask the Expert: Is Reusing the Same Password Risky?

In his latest “Ask the Excerpt” installment, CEO Kent Lawson points out why it’s more important than ever to use strong passwords — and also why it’s imperative to change passwords for your various login accounts. Otherwise, you might as well leave your house key under your doormat.