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Flying Naked: Why Airplane Wifi Is So Unsafe

WiFi in airplanes is expensive — up to $12.95 for a single flight. So one can assume that those who use it have important, and probably confidential, information that they need to communicate. However, the fact is that wifi in airplanes is just as insecure as free wifi offered in your corner coffee shop. Read on to learn why.

#ilikeprivacy Contest Reveals Serious Privacy Concerns

Last month Private WiFi sponsored an #ilikeprivacy contest on Twitter. As we asked our followers to tweet about their biggest online privacy concerns, a common thread emerged: so many of you are worried about your security, privacy and safety online.

So Buggy: Wiretaps At All-Time High

We all know — and applaud — when wiretaps break major corruption scandals, such as Blagojevich in Illinois, or the recent Wall Street insider trading investigation. Or the delicious ones, like Spitzer’s dalliance with a New York call girl. But there is also something just a little scary about government wiretaps as well. Read more for some interesting facts from a report covering wiretaps in 2010 — and what would make you the subject of such an investigation!

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Finding Love on the Internet: Tips for Safe Online Dating

The days of skirting the fact that you met your significant other on the Internet are gone.  According to Match.com, 17% of couples married in the last 3 years, or 1 in 6, met each other on an online dating site.#  The numbers are only expected to grow as the Internet plays a larger role in our day-to-day lives. People using such services need to know how to keep themselves from becoming victims of scams or identity theft.

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Online Reputation: What the Search Giants Know About You, Part 1

CEO Kent Lawson does a little digging online to determine how much of his past information is available for public consumption. As he says, he was “quite surprised by how much information they were able to pull together. The tentacles of data matching against public databases do create a remarkably thorough dossier.” Check out Part 2 next Monday, June 27, when he explains what you can do if some of the information you read about yourself is wrong, personally intrusive, or seriously damaging to your reputation.

Lax Hotel Network Security Leads to Credit Fraud

When travelers watch their credit cards getting swiped at hotel check-in, they assume their information will be safe. But what they may not realize is that hotel wireless networks are a favorite haunt of hackers. Before you check in, check out what you need to know to avoid becoming a victim.


WiFi and Hotspot Hacks

Many of us assume that using a WiFi network at a hotel or airport is the same as logging into our network at home or at the office. But the risks of using WiFi networks at a hotel or airport are exponentially greater than those experienced at home or in an enterprise setting. Business travelers willing to connect to any network that offers free Internet access are especially vulnerable to such attacks. It is literally impossible to tell the safe networks from the bad ones. Wireless eavesdropping is possible everywhere.

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Home Away from Home?: Identity Theft and Hotels

Whether travel is for business or pleasure, travelers must be on the alert for opportunities that identity thieves may try to take advantage of in any given situation. Unfortunately you cannot trust anyone you meet (housekeeping staff, bellmen, security guards, front desk clerks, etc) with your personal information. While your hotel should be a place to offer refuge from the hustle and bustle of travel, it can also be a breeding ground for identity theft.