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How Social Engineering is Threatening Our Online Security on Social Networks

Cybercriminals are using social engineering techniques to hack humans on social networks in record numbers. Why?  Because it’s often easier than hacking technology.  And the rewards can be a lot bigger.  Find out how you can avoid becoming a victim of some of the most common social media cons.

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How Identity Theft Happens on Social Networking Sites

Because you must divulge some level of personal information in order to use and fully benefit from social networking sites, the risk of identity theft exists for people who use them. Learn  the ways that you might put yourself at risk of identity theft and how to prevent this.

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How Identity Thieves Steal Our Lives from the Cradle to the Grave Part I: Robbing the Cradle

From children taking out mortgages to dead people filing income tax returns, identity thieves are stealing the lives of our most vulnerable citizens – damaging their credit, their reputation and their families’ peace of mind. Find out what you can do to protect your loved ones from the Number One crime reported by Americans – consumer identity theft.


If Scams Were Real

Guest Blogger Nikki Junker, Social Media Coordinator and Victim Advisor for the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), shares some of the scams that have been sent to her in just the last 24 hours.

Someone Stole My Identity: Now What?

You get denied for a card at your local department store because of delinquent accounts. You don’t have any accounts which are delinquent, so you check your credit report and it shows five credit card accounts that are past due. You now realize you have become a victim of identity theft. What do you do now?


Elder Identity Theft: Not Everyone Respects Their Elders

The injuries suffered by an older person from physical abuse or neglect are tragic, but there is another, less publicized, form of abuse: financial exploitation. Financial abuse or exploitation can rob a senior of self-esteem and trust, as well as of his or her means of subsistence. It is a serious and shameful crime. When a relative, friend or caretaker exploits an older person and manages to drain away savings, assets and good credit that have taken years to accumulate and establish, the result can be devastating.


That’s Not My Blood Type: Financial Medical Identity Theft

Consumers are usually surprised to find out how far reaching identity theft can be. It can affect many different parts of a victim’s life. One growing form is medical identity theft, which is often difficult to deal with due to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and other privacy laws. Even within the category of medical identity theft, there are multiple forms of the crime. Read on for some basic information on one form of medical identity theft called financial medical identity theft, and also the process for cleaning up the mess.

Hotel Wifi Hacking is on the Rise

Hacking unsecured wireless networks at hotels is easier and safer than robbing guests’ rooms or cracking their safes. For cybercriminals in search of an easy target, the payoff is much bigger.


Hacking Incorporated: The Target is Your Wireless Data

In the Wireless Age, hackers are becoming big time entrepreneurs, joining forces with others in multinational white collar organizations dedicated to cybercrime. Their target is your wireless data.