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Filing Your Taxes On A Public Library Hotspot Could End Up Costing You Plenty

It’s that time of year again, when thousands of taxpayers flock to public libraries to get free tax advice and help filing their returns. That kind of assistance can make doing your taxes a lot less taxing, but if you use the library’s open WiFi hotspot at any point during the process, it could end up costing you plenty. You might be wondering how we know for sure that public library WiFi hotspots can expose your sensitive information. We know because we checked.

Your Tax Refund: Still The Top Target Of Identity Thieves

Think filing your taxes is a pain? Imagine not getting your refund because an identity thief got there first and filed a fake return using your Social Security number. It’s happened to hundreds of thousands of U.S. taxpayers. And it’s cost the U.S. Treasury billions of dollars. Find out what it could cost you if you don’t protect your sensitive information from tax thieves.

Wireless Security Threats Abound At the Olympic Games

When it comes to wireless security at the Winter Games in Sochi, you’re in a high risk environment. Cybercriminals routinely exploit high profile events that draw huge crowds. That’s why the U.S. government is warning travelers to the Olympics what they should expect – namely that none of their communications should be considered private.

Hacked Hotel Company Exposes Guests’ Credit Card Information

It’s the latest in the wave of cyber attacks to hit American businesses.

Guests at some hotels managed by White Lodging Services Corporation – which include such brands as Marriott, Holiday Inn, and Sheraton – may have had their credit and debit card information stolen in a data breach that went on for most of 2013.

You Will Get Hacked At the Sochi Olympics

While the threat of terrorism at the Winter Olympic Games has grabbed the headlines, NBC Nightly News reports there’s another covert threat facing visitors to Sochi – WiFi hotspot hacking and identity theft. Every time you connect to the Internet in Russia, your personal information and your company’s information are fair game for hackers and spies.

Secure Payments: Is EMV for Me?

In light of recent credit card fraud incidents at national retailers such as Target and Neiman Marcus, Americans are looking to alternative technology to the standard magnetic strip used on credit cards, widely used since the 1960s.

EMV includes a chip, where the data is encrypted and much harder to access or duplicate. It offers more protection to consumers and reduces fraud risks than the somewhat ancient magnetic strip technology. So it is for you?

The State of Tax Identity Theft in 2014

In 2012 the Internal Revenue Service paid out $4 billion in fraudulent returns due to identity theft. As tax season is upon us, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) wants to help arm consumers with the tools to prevent Tax Identity Theft, the second highest case the ITRC manages, especially during this time of year. Read on to discover the state of Tax Identity Theft in 2014.