PRIVATE WiFi on Good Morning America: “The Hazards of Public WiFi”


A recent Good Morning America segment featuring PRIVATE WiFi begins with a startling truth: “Everyone is at risk; public WiFi can leave your most private information wide open.” While these public hotspots are widespread and convenient, the free connection comes at a hidden price.

As GMA’s Mara Schiavocampo explains, an estimated 19 million Americans admit to using a public WiFi connection for a financial transaction. According to experts “one of the biggest risks [of using public WiFi] are your personal credit card and banking information.”

When Schiavocampo sits down with PRIVATE WiFi’s Caleb Huff, a hacking and intrusion specialist, she immediately sees that WiFi hacking is easier than she realized. Huff is able to spy Schiavocampo browsing and even captures her username and password as she logs into her e-mail. Most frightening, however, Huff sees everything on her computer, even her personal photos. As Schiavocampo states, “That’s a private photo of my daughter and you’re able to open that up.”

PRIVATE WiFi CEO Kent Lawson explains to Schiavocampo that “there can be a wolf in sheep’s clothing hiding any place in any WiFi hotspot.” The best way to stay protected is  is with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) like PRIVATE WiFi.

Watch the full segment below.

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Jillian Ryan

Jillian Ryan is PRIVATE WiFi's Director, Brand Communications and Social Strategy. With a passion for writing, the web, and fast-paced information exchanged via social networks, Jillian is also concerned about the ramifications of putting your life details and personal data into cyberspace. Follow her on Twitter: @Writing_Jillian.

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