Only Me World: A Network That Promises Social Media Privacy


Go to and on the top banner you will see three promises that could differentiate this social network from the others: no data mining; no web tracking; and no facial recognition.

We know that Facebook and Klout have been tracking both users and non-users; and Facebook, as well as LinkedIn, and other networks, have gotten a lot of flak from privacy advocates about data mining, facial recognition and a plethora of other violations. Other social networks both big and small – think everything from Google + to Diaspora to Unthink – have made a effort to combat these privacy issues that are so prevalent at the core of social networking. Can OnlyMeWorld be any different?

According to a recent press release, yes: “OnlyMeWorld is the only safe alternative to Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Linkedin.” In the company’s privacy policy it declares that is the social network for any individual who places value on principles of privacy, anonymity and protection against cyber crime.

But how does OnlyMeWorld plan to bring its users these promises. It claims that will use one simple principle and no convulated privacy settings: “The obvious solution to address these problems involving privacy, anonymity and cyber crime is simple; no real names, and no email addresses.”

In an interview with, the President of OnlyMeWorld, Carlson Yamamoto, said that there is a reason why these other networks, like Unthink and Diaspora, have not worked. He claims that these sites “talk about privacy, but they only talk about what you don’t want other users to see.” Yamamoto poignantly notes that even though other users can’t gather your data, it is still in the system.

That is why the Hawaii-based OnlyMeWorld is completely clean of cookies. Also since the site doesn’t collect your e-mail address, there is no personal data of any user stored in the site’s backend.  Yamamoto explained that this type of information that is normally collected – be it for advertisers or marketing purposes – is a hacker’s dream and it could lead to severe damage if tapped into: identity theft, phishing attacks, etc. However, since their is no true data on OnlyMeWorld, he states, “A cyber criminal could hack our system 24/7 and there’s nothing they can do” simply because there is nothing worth stealing in the first place.

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Jillian Ryan

Jillian Ryan is PRIVATE WiFi's Director, Brand Communications and Social Strategy. With a passion for writing, the web, and fast-paced information exchanged via social networks, Jillian is also concerned about the ramifications of putting your life details and personal data into cyberspace. Follow her on Twitter: @Writing_Jillian.

4 Responses

  1. Carlson Yamamoto says:

    Thank You Jillian Ryan for writing this article! I would also like to mention that another reason we don’t ask for Real Names and Email Addresses is because we’re very worried about what Social Networking Sites and Search Engines such as Facebook & Google+ are doing, and will do with their users information now and in the future. Most people don’t realize the seriousness in “Profiling” people, take a Real Name, Email Address, IP Address, and information obtained about people both knowingly and unknowingly, add Facial Recognition, tracking, etc., if used in a positive way it will help law enforcement combat crime, if used in a negative way the world in the next 20 years will be made up of the “Haves” and “Have Nots”.

    Whether you are a law abiding citizen and have nothing to hide, or are a deviant criminal you better be worried. As an example, Jane Doe is 22 and is on Facebook and Google. Jane Doe has graduated top of her class with a Masters in Criminology and aspires to work for the FBI. Jane Doe, when 16 joined Occupy Wall Street, loves to shop at higher end stores such as Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom, browses the web and often looks for new credit cards & fashion magazines & reads articles about “How to Loose Weight” & “Depression” & “UFO’s”, on Facebook she currently disagrees with the war in Iraq, etc., When you combine all this information through wants known as Data Mining, Add Facial Recognition, etc., Computer Profiling Software for Human Resources may “Profile” Jane Doe, as “Unstable”/”Narcissist”/”Risky” and a bunch of other things sociologist and psychologist had program into this software. In all likeliness, Jane Doe will not get that FBI job and probably a number of other jobs she should be qualified.

  2. Carlson Yamamoto says:

    For those of you who have read my comment and probably consider a conspiracy theorist or even paranoid & crazy, I’d like to share with you an article of a patent Microsoft filed recently. Imagine what kind of profiling software the United States of America government, Facebook, and other companies have and are working on that have no patents?

  3. Mk Comm says:

    wouldn’t good basic journalism procedures require you to independently verify facts of Mr. Yamamoto? Diapsora does NOT accumulate or store data…. what ‘system’ is it in? The very basis of Diaspora is that a person can host their own data.

    • Carlson Yamamoto says:

      Mk Comm, actually Jillian Ryan did a wonderful job. It seems you did not read the referenced article on TechDailyNews nor any of the press releases. You are correct Diaspora and some other alternative networks do not accumulate or store your data in their system. Diaspora and other alternative networks allow you to host your own data. If you read OnlyMeWorlds Press Releases and Interviews, only me world has repeatedly said “Whether Facebook controls your data, or you host your own data, this information is in a database and can be hacked.” The point is hackers are able to hack any database, host, etc. No one including the Pentagon and Banks are immune to hacking.

      The obvious solution is simple, No Real Names, No Email Addresses, etc.

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