How To: Maximizing Antivirus Software Protection on Your Laptop


There are many viruses and hackers lurking on the Internet, so be sure to use a good antivirus software to keep your computer and your files safe. Antivirus software, when combined with a firewall and a VPN, allows you to surf the web safely.

Antivirus programs scan email and other files on your computer for viruses, worms, and Trojan horses. If one of these things is found, the antivirus program either quarantines it or deletes it entirely before it damages your computer and files.

Make sure your antivirus software is configured to update automatically when new versions and patches are available. When your antivirus software is updated, new viruses are added to a list of viruses to check for, protecting your computer from new attacks. If your antivirus updates are not automatic, be sure to check for updates at least once a month because new viruses are identified every day, which means your computer and your personal information could be compromised.

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Jared Howe

Jared Howe is PRIVATE WiFi’s Senior Manager, Product Marketing Communications. Working in high tech for over 15 years, Jared currently lives in Seattle with his wife, daughter, and their two cats.

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