If Scams Were Real

We hear about a lot of scams.  Some are more convincing than others. With thieves becoming more and more clever, those who may not have fallen for a scam sent to their email a year ago, may find themselves a victim these days. I wanted to think of a way to make these scams real for everyone, in hopes that getting the word out will help less people fall victim to these crooks.

Each morning, as part of my work for the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC),  I review my inbox for scams that have come through in JUST THE PAST 24 HOURS!!! I am putting these scams into the context of what would happen if they were real offers. Hopefully, this will help show the absurdity of the thieves’ claims and persuade consumers to avoid such scams.

Today, if scams were real:
  • I would have another job offer open immediately in my area.
  • I could have the same unlimited plan I currently have for my smartphone for $23/month.
  • My next purchase at Victoria’s Secret would be free.
  • I would no longer need a qualified physician to obtain prescription medication.
  • I could get an Amazon Kindle for $8.37.
  • I have four free flights to claim courtesy of Southwest Airlines.
  • I can call in and get my free Walmart gift card.
  • Ms. Peggy Street has asked me again about receiving her husband’s inheritance and giving it out to motherless children.
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Nikki Junker

Nikki Junker is Social Media Coordinator and Victim Advisor at The Identity Theft Resource Center. She specializes in Identity Theft on social networks and smartphones. She enjoys working one on one with victims of identity theft as well as researching and writing about preventative measures for consumers.

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