Holiday Shopping Goes Mobile: Be Cyber Secure [INFOGRAPHIC]


As the holiday shopping bustle approaches, don’t just think about buying the perfect gift and getting a great deal. For a happy and healthy season, remember that being cyber secure when you make your holiday purchases online is just as important!

This year PRIVATE WiFi has teamed up with the National Cyber Security Alliance to help consumers be safe online when using their mobile devices as they shop.

Check out our infographic below to learn more about the threats of holiday shopping and why the proliferation of mobile shopping is good for online commerce but potentially risky for consumers who increasingly rely on public WiFi. Then make sure to follow our five tips for cyber secure shopping.

“The holiday season is a busy time for both online retailers and identity thieves alike, and we want to arm consumers with the tips they need to shop safely,” said Kent Lawson, CEO of PRIVATE WiFi. “With only a few simple changes, consumers can really protect themselves as they shop.”

“Online and mobile shoppers should protect themselves against cyber threats, scams and identity theft during the holiday season, as well as all year long,” said Michael Kaiser, executive director of the National Cyber Security Alliance. “But as shopping volumes increase this time of year, so do potential threats. The tips make consumers aware that it is important for them not to let their guard down.”

Feel free to repost or share the infographic including the “5 Tips for Cyber Secure Shopping.” If you want to ask our experts specific questions, join our Data Privacy Day Twitter chat from 3 to 4 p.m. ET on December 10, with participants @DataPrivacyDay and @PRIVATEWiFi, a Data Privacy Day Champion, answering questions using the hashtag #ChatDPD.

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Jillian Ryan

Jillian Ryan is PRIVATE WiFi's Director, Brand Communications and Social Strategy. With a passion for writing, the web, and fast-paced information exchanged via social networks, Jillian is also concerned about the ramifications of putting your life details and personal data into cyberspace. Follow her on Twitter: @Writing_Jillian.

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