Controlling Your Privacy with AVG PrivacyFix™


The phrase, ‘nothing in life is free,’ holds true especially with regard to Facebook.  While you may think you are logging on and freely using the social media network, you are giving up your personal and private information. This comes at a hefty price since Facebook racks in the big bucks from this exchange.

Alarmingly, Facebook isn’t the only one! Today, more than a thousand companies, including the sites most of us visit on a daily basis, are collecting data based on our online activity and selling it for profit, without your permission. But there is a way for you to regain control of your privacy and be safer online and it is with AVG PrivacyFix™.

You may recall our blog piece about PrivacyFix developed by PrivacyChoice. We were excited then, as we saw PrivacyFix as the solution to some of our biggest privacy worries when it comes to Google, Facebook, and online tracking. Now, we’re thrilled to report that AVG, a web security company at the helm of navigating privacy issues for consumers, has bought PrivacyChoice and their software, PrivacyFix – to bring the masses AVG PrivacyFix™.

AVG empowers consumers when it comes to their online privacy and AVG PrivacyFix™ is a tool that will help you control your digital footprint.  Using the product, you can see your privacy exposure on sites like Facebook, Google and LinkedIn, and in one click, edit your settings to meet your level of comfort.  PrivacyFix tells you which websites are selling your personal information and helps you block over 1200 trackers. This app, which is available for download on all your devices (PC, smartphone and tablet), will even help you navigate the ever-changing privacy policies of companies, allowing you to adjust your settings as often as the companies change their policies.

Specifically, AVG PrivacyFix will navigate Facebook for you, offering 10 different privacy settings, allowing you to be as private as you want to be. You can limit who sees your posts, untag yourself with ease and most importantly, when Facebook alters your settings, PrivacyFix lets take control of your own privacy so you know  attention is needed and you can adjust accordingly.

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Christie Donaghy

Christie Donaghy has been part of the PRIVATE WiFi Marketing team for over a year now as a Relationship Manager. She enjoys writing for the blog and alerting the masses about protecting themselves against cybercriminals. Christie spent the early part of her career at advertising agencies in NYC and then later working in the Marketing & Communications department of a large medical center. She lives in Hoboken, New Jersey with her husband and two children.

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