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Evil Twins: The Dark Side of Using Wifi Hotspots

If you think Evil Twins sound like something out of a B Sci Fi movie, think again. They’re more likely to be lurking near your laptop at a public WiFi hotspot. Find out how to avoid becoming a victim.

Lax Hotel Network Security Leads to Credit Fraud

When travelers watch their credit cards getting swiped at hotel check-in, they assume their information will be safe. But what they may not realize is that hotel wireless networks are a favorite haunt of hackers. Before you check in, check out what you need to know to avoid becoming a victim.


WiFi and Hotspot Hacks

Many of us assume that using a WiFi network at a hotel or airport is the same as logging into our network at home or at the office. But the risks of using WiFi networks at a hotel or airport are exponentially greater than those experienced at home or in an enterprise setting. Business travelers willing to connect to any network that offers free Internet access are especially vulnerable to such attacks. It is literally impossible to tell the safe networks from the bad ones. Wireless eavesdropping is possible everywhere.

FaceNiff Brings the Security Risks of Firesheep to the Mobile World: The Social Media Privacy Report  

A new and free application for Android phones, FaceNiff allows a hacker to hijack various social media accounts open on the same WiFi network. This is a huge threat to a user’s internet security and online privacy; learn how more about the dangers and how to protect yourself against FaceNiff.

Seven Wifi Myths We Live and Die By

When it comes to WiFi security, urban legends about how to outsmart hackers are spreading faster than we can connect to the wireless Web. If you don’t want to fall victim to any of them, find out how what’s safe to do on WiFi and what’s not.

Should You Buy When You’re on Wifi?

Eight in ten Americans shop online at least once a week. But many consumers worry that ecommerce is putting their personal information at risk. Find out what to expect when you buy on WiFi hotspots and what you can do to shop safely.

Are Seniors Safe Socializing & Dating Online?: The Social Media Privacy Report

Social networking and online dating websites are not just for the younger demographic. Seniors are flocking to the internet and using these sites to connect with old friends, keep up with family and even find love. But just like all users, seniors need to make sure they protect their online security and internet privacy while logging on.

Why Seniors Are Easy Targets for Online Identity Theft

Americans over 65 are easy targets for online identity theft. That’s because they grew up in an era when there were no personal computers or cybercrime. If you’re a senior, find out what you can do to avoid becoming a victim.

Have You Been Hacked Using On Campus Wifi?

If you’re a college student addicted to WiFi, when you’re surfing the Internet or cracking the books on campus, you could get hacked. That’s because some school wireless networks that students hop onto every day aren’t controlled or secured by their IT administrators.