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Tis the Season to Get Hacked: Don’t Become a Holiday Cybercrime Victim

It’s that time of year again.  Cyber Monday, the day after Thanksgiving weekend, is one of the biggest online shopping days of the year.  And  cyber grinches have your personal financial information on their holiday shopping list. Find out what you can do to avoid becoming a victim of holiday cybercrime.

Klout: Measuring Social Influence While Invading Your Privacy

It might sound like harmless: Klout is an online ranking and measuring tool that uses an algorithm to determine a user’s influence in the social sphere. Monitoring activity on sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook, Klout ranks users and gives them a score that indicates how influential they are to their social community. Now, as most social tools, Klout is facing privacy troubles.

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Online Holiday Shopping Tips

This holiday season will no doubt bring a rise in online shopping. While there is no match for the convenience of online shopping, unfortunately, things can go wrong while shopping in cyberspace. Sometimes it is simply a case of a computer glitch or poor customer service. Other times, shoppers are cheated by clever “cybercrooks”. Here are a few ways that shoppers can protect themselves while shopping online this holiday season.


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Boingo, the World’s Leading Wifi Provider, Calls Hotspots Inherently Insecure, Recommends VPNs

The “world’s leading” provider of wifi call hotspots inherently insecure, and that individual users need to take responsibility for their privacy and security. Indeed, their #1 recommendation is to use a personal VPN. Click the headline above for what this means before you log on in a wireless hotspot again!

Using Unsecured Wifi Networks Could Jeopardize Your Right to Privacy

By now, you probably know that using unsecured Wifi networks is risky business. But did you know it could jeopardize your Fourth Amendment rights which protect you from unreasonable government searches? Find out why wide open Wifi networks can be an open invitation to intruders on both sides of the law.

An Emancipation from Facebook with Unthink: The Social Media Privacy Report

With a proclamation of sorts, Unthink, the newest start-up social networking site that plans to dethroned the evil chains of Facebook, launched last week. It claims to give users the right to own their data and asserts that freedom and emancipation are the keys to their site. Will Unthink give users the right to privacy and security?

Why Online Privacy Isn’t Just an Old People Issue

When the billionaire founder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman, said concerns about privacy tend to be “old people issues,” maybe he didn’t know that it’s young people who run the greatest risk of becoming victims of identity fraud.  Now studies show they’re finally getting worried enough about it to take action to protect themselves online. Whether you’re young or old or somewhere in between, find out why privacy protection needs to be part of your daily online routine.

The More You Use Facebook, The Less You Care About Privacy: The Social Media Privacy Report

In our bi-weekly social media privacy report we spend a lot of time discussing Facebook privacy and security concerns. Recent posts have included what we considered high priority issues: the network tracking logged out users , new features like the ticker and subscriptions and Facebook content being used for background checks. Yet despite Facebook’s reputation for pushing the envelope in terms of online privacy and security, most users, especially the ones that use the social site on a daily basis, are not worried about privacy.

Hide Your Face on Facebook: Win an iPad2 and Free Privacy Software

PRIVATE WiFi, in conjunction with the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC), is sponsoring a contest for Facebook users to help remind them to keep their online identities safe. Four lucky winners will receive a yearly subscription to PRIVATE WiFi and one grand prize winner will receive an iPad 2!

Watch Out for Wifi Hacking on the Fly

Wifi hacking has taken flight!  Dubbed SkyNET, after the artificial intelligence villain in theTerminator, the new airborne robo Wifi hacking drone could take wardriving to new criminal heights. Find out what you can do to protect yourself from fly-by Wifi hackers.


Facebook Tracking Logged Out Users: The Social Media Privacy Report

It is hard to avoid the word Facebook in the news recently. At the company’s F8 conference two weeks ago, the network announced big changes to the user experience: the new Timeline profile, partnerships with music streaming sites like Spotify and the “open graph” concept. All of these alterations will, of course, have large implications on user privacy and security on the social networking site. However, we found it hard to focus on these changes, when just a few days after the conference, an Austrialian hacker revealed a huge security issue: Facebook was enabling cookies that continued to track its users even after they had logged out of the site.