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Survey Finds 34% of Users Take No Security Measures on Public WiFi

Do you take steps to protect your online security when you connect to WiFi hotspots? Unfortunately, for one out of every three hotspot users, the answer to that question is “no,” according to a recent study by Kaspersky Lab and the research agency B2B International.

And that, along with other security lapses, has created a cybercrime explosion.


Facebook’s ‘Free’ WiFi Could Cost You More Than a Check-in

Earlier this month Facebook announced its partnership with Cisco; the two tech companies have teamed up to provide free WiFi access at local businesses. On the surface the price-tag will be a measly Facebook check-in. In actuality, this “free” WiFi might end up costing users more than they know. Read on to learn more about how this program will work and what you can do to keep your data safe.

How Advertisers Track You on Your Smartphone

Smartphone advertising is the new frontier. Up until now, many advertisers had no way to access user data via a smartphone, so most advertising has been a shot in the dark. But all that has changed. Keep reading to find out how they are using your data — and how it affects your online privacy.

Is Google Wiretapping You?

As you probably know by now, if you use Gmail, Google has maintained that their users should have no expectations of privacy when they use Google’s services. But now Google has been accused of wiretapping in a federal trial in Silicon Valley, and the outcome of this trial could have profound implications not just for email companies, but for any company who scans user information to serve third-party ads.


In-Flight WiFi: An Essential Perk for Air Travelers and Hackers

If you’re going to pay for perks when you fly, it’s worth making WiFi one of them, according to Yahoo! Finance. Connecting to WiFi in the sky gives passengers a wide variety of entertainment options; and business travelers can use their personal mobile devices to get their work done when they’re away from the office. But what many employees and the companies they work for don’t realize is that BYOD comes with serious security risks. And that could be bad for business.

Hotel Customers Want WiFi But Most Ignore the Risks

WiFi is the #1 priority for hotel customers. According to a recent study by Forrester Research, 90% wish all hotels had WiFi and 34% won’t book a hotel stay without it. But while customers are demanding a great hotel WiFi experience, most either don’t know or don’t care about the risks to their online security. Even worse, they don’t know there’s a simple way to protect their data when they use hotel hotspots.

In-Flight WiFi: Air Travelers Would Trade Comfort For Connectivity

What would airline passengers be willing to give up in order to connect to WiFi when they fly?  Plenty, according to a new survey conducted by Honeywell’s Aerospace division: 80% said WiFi that’s as fast and reliable as what they have at home or at the office should always be available during a flight. They’re simply not comfortable without it.

Is That Health App on Your Smartphone Compromising Your Privacy?

Do you use a mobile app to track a health-related issue like diet, exercise, or illness? You’re typically handing over very private information that most of us would not want anyone else to know about — but is that information really private?

Check out the results of a sobering study from the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and find out the truth for yourself!

Pew Survey Finds Internet Users Want to Be Anonymous Online But Most Believe It’s Not Possible

How important is for you to be anonymous when you’re online? What would you be willing to do to protect your online privacy? These are just two of the questions addressed in a new survey by the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life Project entitled Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Online. The answers provided by 792 Internet and smartphone users aren’t reassuring.

Brits Are Unsure About How to Safely Use WiFi Hotspots

Half of all Brits who use public WiFi hotspots don’t understand whether the hotspot they’re connecting to is secure or unsecure. And that makes them easy targets for identity thieves and online fraudsters, according to a new WiFi hotspot survey by Experian Consumer Services. But it’s not just the Brits who don’t know or don’t care about wireless security.  It’s a huge number of hotspot users worldwide. Find out what you can do to protect your private information on public WiFi.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Endorses PRIVATE WiFi

In her recent book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson delivers a practical guide to becoming a digital nomad — someone who lives out of their suitcase and travels the world while still running a successful virtual business with just their laptop and internet connection. With this freedom-based lifestyle, Sisson outlines actionable details on how to build a sustainable career.  Her how-to book is filled with firsthand experiences and her favorite tips and tools that every true suitcase entrepreneur needs to be successful.

As an internet connection is one of the most coveted things that any nomadic businessperson covets, PRIVATE WiFi is one of the featured tools in Sisson’s book.