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You Are What You Type: Facebook Tracks What You Decide Not to Post

We all do it: start typing into the status update bar on Facebook and then use our (better) judgment to delete those thoughts and not share them with the world. Facebook calls it “self-censorship,” and according to a report by Slate’ s Jennifer Golbeck, the social network has been tracking and studying our unpublished thoughts.

Put simply: the posts that you have consciously decided to not share, are being analyzed by Facebook. Read on to discover how Facebook did this as well as what it means for your privacy now and in the future.

How Hackers Used Malware to Steal 40 Million Credit Card Numbers from Target

How did hackers steal 40 million credit card numbers from Target customers? How much money are the cards selling for on the black market? And what’s the best way to prevent your computer from getting infected with malware — and avoid becoming an identity theft victim?

Keep reading to learn the answers to those questions, as well as how to make it harder for cybercriminals to get their hands on your private data.

European Parliament’s Public WiFi Network Shut Down After Man-In-The-Middle Attack

The European Parliament has admitted that it fell victim to a Man-In-The-Middle attack that forced it to shut down its public WiFi network. The hacker involved called it “child’s play” and said nearly anyone is capable of performing a hotspot hack.

How did it happen? Exactly the same way it happens at your local coffee shop, airport, or hotel hotspot — unless, of course, you’re using a personal VPN.

Shopping at WiFi Hotspots Could Lead to a Not-So-Merry Mobile Christmas

Cyber grinches are shopping at WiFi hotspots this holiday season – and they’re seeking your sensitive information. And if 2013 is any indication — keep in mind Cyber Monday became the biggest online shopping day in history, racking up a record $2.29 billion in online sales — they’ll continue to make out like bandits. Find out how you can avoid becoming a holiday hotspot hacking victim when you shop online.

Data Privacy Day 2014 is Approaching: PRIVATE WiFi is a Small Business Sponsor

With less than two months until Data Privacy Day on January 28, 2014, excitement is growing and PRIVATE WiFI is proud to be in on the action. As a day of awareness to focus on respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust for all digital users, Data Privacy Day (DPD) has been coordinated by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NSCA) since 2008.

Also, be sure to join us as we co-host tomorrow’s Twitter Chat — #ChatDPD — on Wednesday, December 11 at 3pm ET.

Mobile Workers Logging In From WiFi Hotspots Can Compromise Your Corporate Security

Do your employees surf the Web from their mobile devices using unsecure wireless networks? Do you allow them to connect to your company’s network from WiFi hotspots? If the answer to those questions is yes, you and your employees could be contributing to the epidemic of cybercrime plaguing businesses worldwide.

Hacked for the Holidays: How Shopping Online Leads to Cybercrime

For the first time ever, the Internet will be Americans’ most popular shopping destination, according to an annual survey by Deloitte Consulting of New York. But many consumers who love the savings and the convenience of shopping online don’t realize cyber crooks shop online, too – for their victims’ personal information.

Gowex Might Make Public WiFi Even More Dangerous Than It Already Is

Gowex is a company based in Spain that provides free public wifi networks around the world. They have been in the news lately because they are just about to launch a network in New York City that includes 2,000 new hotspots. Gowex will service both high-traffic and lesser-known parts of the five boroughs. So what is the problem?

Video Challenge Winners: Creative Shorts Take Home the Prize

Using this musical skit from Pants on Fire as their inspiration, we challenged our Facebook fans to create a short video about PRIVATE WiFi. While all of the entries in our “It’s PRIVATE WIFI:” Video Challenge showed great promise, only two could walk away victorious. And here they are: Lincoln Hawks and Travis Moulding!

NSA Allegedly Hacked into Google, Yahoo Data Centers

The Washington Post has published a couple of articles in the past two weeks that reveal how the National Security Agency allegedly hacked into Google’s and Yahoo’s data centers, taking millions of private user records each day for analysis. Click to learn more about what this means for your privacy.

For ‘Optimum Security’ AT&T Urges You to Use a VPN

AT&T knows how safe (or unsafe) it is to use their public wifi networks. In AT&T’s Terms and Conditions, the company states that any public wifi network, theirs included, is inherently unsafe. And the only thing that can protect you? According to AT&T, only a VPN can do that.