Avoid Identity Theft When Shopping with an iPad: Consumer Reports Recommends Using a Personal VPN


Tablets are quickly becoming the favorite mobile device for online shopping. Their big screens and extreme portability make online browsing and buying a whole lot easier. But many online shoppers don’t take the same security precautions with their tablets that they routinely take with their laptops and desktops. That’s why tablets have become a favorite target of identity thieves. According a 2013 report from Javelin Strategy & Research, tablet owners were 80% more likely to become victims of identity fraud than the general public. It happened to one out of every ten tablet owners.

Odds like that might scare you away from using a tablet for your online buying sprees. But according to Consumer Reports, shopping with an iPad need not be any riskier than shopping online with a computer in the privacy of your home. The leading consumer magazine recommends using a personal VPN app to avoid identity theft and credit fraud when shopping or banking with your iPad on WiFi hotspots.

Having your transactions encrypted with a personal VPN like PRIVATE WiFi is the only way to make your sensitive information invisible to hotspot hackers. Yet in a November 2013 survey conducted by PRIVATE WiFi and the Identity Theft Resource Center, more than three out of four respondents said they don’t use a VPN even though they know free WiFi can lead to identity theft.

If you decide to try a VPN, Consumer Reports recommends going with one that’s been downloaded by many consumers and is highly rated in the App Store. That’s where you’ll find PRIVATE WiFi. It’s also available for your iPhone and your Mac, as well as for all your Android devices. PRIVATE WiFi is the best identity theft protection money can buy when you’re using WiFi hotspots.

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