Author: Rex Davis


How do Facebook Hacks lead to Identity Theft?

There has been lots of attention paid to Facebook, and possible links to identity theft, over the past year.  The fact is that criminals do want your information, and will use it in many ways you probably have not imagined.  It is important to protect your user credentials, limit your friends to those you really do know, and be suspicious of links, games, and other enticements which may be links to security problems.  Clicking that link to the “Hot Blond Pole Dance” might be an expensive trip


What’s a VPN and why should I have one?

I expect a large number of people have heard the initials VPN, and most of those understand that it is related to having a secure connection, and is usually related to connecting to work resources.  VPN means Virtual Private Network, and if you look it up on Wikipedia, you will find a large amount of information about the technology, its specifications, and history.  But, the important fact for us users is that VPN technology allows us to use public networks, such as the Internet, in a manner that keeps the information we are sending and receiving on our computer encrypted and secure from others using the Internet.


Generational Views On Privacy, Facebook, and Geo-Tagging: Who Owns Our Personal Information?

An article from Private WiFi’s CEO, Kent Lawson, raised interesting points about online privacy attitudes among younger people.

The article presented some interesting thoughts from Ella Hickson, a young playwright.

Ella notes she is more aware of the value of privacy and puts forth the idea that most of the younger generation thinks in terms of an “inner circle of friends” and “our public self.”