Author: Nikki Junker

holiday shopping

Online Holiday Shopping Tips

This holiday season will no doubt bring a rise in online shopping. While there is no match for the convenience of online shopping, unfortunately, things can go wrong while shopping in cyberspace. Sometimes it is simply a case of a computer glitch or poor customer service. Other times, shoppers are cheated by clever “cybercrooks”. Here are a few ways that shoppers can protect themselves while shopping online this holiday season.


Cybersecurity and Consumer Apathy

Apathy is exactly what cybercriminals depend upon, allowing them to use social engineering or lack of personal security measures to commit their crimes.  It is critical that each person does whatever they can to keep personal identifying information away from those who may misuse it.  Every security measure “in place” is one more wall the criminals will need to overcome.


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Should You Google Your Wallet?


Remember the days when a phone was for calling people? Well, they are long gone now.  First there were phones, then car phones, then mobile phones and now Smartphones.  There will probably be a new name for this next generation of phones coming out which seems to do anything you can imagine… Superphones perhaps?  Now, one of the necessities the Smartphone has taken on to replace is the wallet.


Identity Theft Prevention for Job Seekers

During the search for a new employment, job seekers may be at a slightly higher level of risk to identity theft. This fact sheet is designed to help you become aware of potential problem areas so that you can avoid them


How Thieves Use Facebook

It was only a matter of time before Facebook was penetrated by thieves ready to exploit the popular network for their own gain.   There are a few ways that thieves obtain information through Facebook which if consumers are aware of, they are much more likely to be able to protect themselves.

social networking

How Identity Theft Happens on Social Networking Sites

Because you must divulge some level of personal information in order to use and fully benefit from social networking sites, the risk of identity theft exists for people who use them. Learn  the ways that you might put yourself at risk of identity theft and how to prevent this.

marriage identity theft

Honey, I Stole Your Identity

It can be very hard on somebody to find out that their Social Security Number (SSN) has been used for fraudulent purposes by their spouse.  Unfortunately the normal procedure for clearing your credit reports of these fraudulent charges does not apply if you are currently married to the person using your information fraudulently.
online dating

Finding Love on the Internet: Tips for Safe Online Dating

The days of skirting the fact that you met your significant other on the Internet are gone.  According to, 17% of couples married in the last 3 years, or 1 in 6, met each other on an online dating site.#  The numbers are only expected to grow as the Internet plays a larger role in our day-to-day lives. People using such services need to know how to keep themselves from becoming victims of scams or identity theft.