Author: Nikki Junker

Identity Theft and Public WiFi Twitter Chat: Thursday, 5/2

Public WiFi use is growing, but are you aware of the dangers? During Thursday, May 2’s #IDTheftChat, co-hosted by the Identity Theft Resource Center (@ITRCSD) and Private WiFi (@privatewifi), we will explain that public WiFi is not secure and how using public WiFi can lead to identity theft.  Please join us for May’s edition of identity theft twitter chat!

Hot Coffee: Know Your Identity-Theft Hotspots

While ordering a hot cup of caffeine and hooking up to free internet has obvious advantages, many consumers aren’t aware that they’re in potentially dangerous “hot zones” for identity theft. Read on to learn more ways hackers harvest your personal information through your internet connection.

Identity Theft: Myth vs Fact

The call center at the Identity Theft Resource Center is a busy place.

Our small group of Victim Advisors handle calls from all over the United States, dealing with everything from email account takeovers to medical identity theft and everything in between.

That being said, the same misconceptions come up again and again. We thought it would be a great idea to dispel some of these myths surrounding the issue of identity theft and replace them with the facts.

Facebook Graph Search: The Good, The Bad and The Scary

Facebook has always had issues when it comes to privacy. Each time the social media giant comes out with a new feature, it seems there is an uproar by privacy advocates about the implications and potential security issues. This took place with the Timeline switch, the sponsored stories debacle, and now one of Facebook’s newest features, Graph Search, is in the hot seat.

Let’s take a closer look at this new tool and find out what it is, why you would use it, and how to protect yourself from its prying eyes.

IRS Battling Identity Theft in 2013

Identity theft related tax fraud remains a significant problem, despite the IRS preventing an alarming $20 billion of fraudulent refunds in 2012. This is a large increase in protection of refunds, $6 billion more than in 2011.

Click to find out more about what the IRS is doing for both fraud prevention and victim assistance.


The FDIC Reviews Mobile Payment Systems

In 2011, the technology world was all abuzz with news of a new payment system which could turn your smartphone into a virtual wallet. Google was the first to come forward with their Google Wallet and they partnered with Visa and MasterCard to produce Near Field Communication systems in a limited number of smartphones.

Find out what the FDIC and other experts have to say about this service.

2013 Online Security Tips: New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Against Identity Theft

It is nearing the end of 2012 and it if you haven’t made your new year’s resolution by now, you better get started. This year was a big year for identity theft. From data breaches to new technology, identity thieves were quite active and show no signs of slowing down in 2013. So why not make your new year’s resolution about protecting yourself from identity theft?

Read on for some great examples of resolutions you can make to make sure your 2013 isn’t marred by a nasty case of identity theft.


7 Handy Tips for Safer Online Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is here and that means tons of shopping.

We all want the best deals, which used to mean running from store to store looking a bargain. These days it is much easier to find the best price by comparing websites from the comfort of our laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Read on for seven simple ways to help lower the risks of shopping online.


Thursday Twitter Chat With the ITRC! Learn Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

The Identity Theft Resource Center already spends more time on Twitter than they would like to admit, so they have decided to go ahead and make it official and begin a weekly identity theft twitter chat.

It is the hope of the ITRC that this will help people involved and interested in identity theft connect with one another. Whether those involved are organizations working on identity theft issues, victims of the crime or service providers, these conversations have shown to produce wonderful ideas. The ITRC is sure the weekly identity theft chat will do just that.

Read on to learn more details of this exciting event!


Remain Vigilant to Avoid Falling for Election Scams

It is nearing November during a presidential election year and that means that there are abundant opportunities for identity thieves to take advantage of Americans.

During the height of the political discourse, scam artists will use the public’s interest in the campaigns against them by luring in victims to scams by baiting them with politically related hooks. These criminals know that this is a good time to try to scam people and will be out in full force trying to trick and deceive consumers into giving away their
personal and financial information.

Like any other important event, scam artists use the presidential election as a ruse for their criminal activity.

Read on to learn about past scams — and how to protect yourself today.