Author: Kent Lawson

How Hard Is It to Hack Wifi?

CEO Kent Lawson points out how incredibly easy it is for ordinary people to hack WiFi. It doesn’t take any tech expertise — it doesn’t even take a geek — for someone to access your email passwords, logins, and other highly sensitive data. Read on to learn how this is happening — perhaps even to you!

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Online Reputation: What the Search Giants Know About You, Part 1

CEO Kent Lawson does a little digging online to determine how much of his past information is available for public consumption. As he says, he was “quite surprised by how much information they were able to pull together. The tentacles of data matching against public databases do create a remarkably thorough dossier.” Check out Part 2 next Monday, June 27, when he explains what you can do if some of the information you read about yourself is wrong, personally intrusive, or seriously damaging to your reputation.

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Ask the Expert: Is It Safe For Me to Use Hotel Wifi?

In his latest Ask the Expert column, CEO Kent Lawson points out that most hotel networks are completely unsecured. Read more to discover why the risks associated with using a hotel network — whether wired or wirelessly — are much greater than using a wireless network at your home or office, and some simple steps you can take to protect yourself today.

How Cyberpunks Hack Wifi Hotspots

Think hacking is difficult? Think again. CEO Kent Lawson outlines the two basic ways that cyberpunks can snoop on your online activities and explains why security experts (and even most WiFi hotspot Terms and Conditions) urge consumers to use a Virtual Private Network to secure their Internet communications.

Online Privacy For the Twenty-Something Generation

CEO Kent Lawson asks a 20-something friend to explain her generation’s opinions on online privacy. She wisely notes that the “public face of what you see is exactly that, a face, an aspect, a carefully controlled and constructed persona that the person in question has constructed. This doesn’t need privacy because the whole point of this persona is that it is seen. What you and your company are doing, however, is protecting our ‘real’ selves — our at-home-in-pajamas-selves, our ‘person,’ not our ‘persona.’ No one wants security for their persona — they want it on billboards. But they do want security for their person — so they can go and cruise other people’s personas without being seen.” Read the entire article to get more of her profound insights on the changing face of online privacy.

‘Disruption by Design’ – Trends From the Wired Business Conference

CEO Kent Lawson attended the annual Wired Business Conference in New York, and the theme was how discontinuous change occurs in an industry. In other words, disruption in an industry always comes from the outside. Those inside the industry are good at incremental improvements, but it is hard for them to see things very far outside their familiar context. It takes an outsider’s view to envision things dramatically different from how they currently are. Read on for more trends and insights from the conference.

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Distressingly Fragile: Digital Information and Things That We Trust That We Shouldn’t

It might sound crazy, but it’s actually rather simple for some cyberpunk to drive to where you live or work, park out front, and put up cellphone antenna aimed at your home or office to hack your cell phone conversations, text messages, even emails. Think it’s not so simple? Think again, says CEO Kent Lawson, so check out his latest post exploring a few new “distressingly fragile” mobile trends you need to know about.

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Ask the Expert: Am I At Risk If Stores I Shop At Keep My Email Address on File?

In his latest “Ask the Expert” monthly installment, CEO Kent Lawson discusses ways you can protect your email, password, and other sensitive information in the wake of the recent Epsilon email data breach affecting millions of customer information from retail giants and banks nationwide. Before you click on that so-called legitimate link sent from your “bank,” check out his tips to keep yourself and your family protected!


Report from the InfoSec World Conference: Game-Changing HTML5 Will Alter Browser Security

What’s HTML5? In this week’s post from CEO Kent Lawson, he says it could mean that every time you visit a website, you will be potentially ceding control of your laptop, tablet, or phone to someone else. Read on for more information about the future of website browsing security and what it means for our safety and security online.

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Can You Trust Your Cellphone With Any Personal Privacy?

Since mobile phones are a necessary part of modern life, are we handing over our personal privacy to be part of the 21st century? CEO Kent Lawson explains how a German man set out to learn exactly what his cellphone provider knew about him — and the staggering results are astounding and will make even the most die-hard smartphone fans question their privacy.