Author: Jillian Ryan

How Often Do You Use Public WiFi?

If you are hooked to your mobile device, you probably spend a good chunk of time logged onto a wireless network. While staying connected is important, the Identity Theft Resource Center wants to learn a little more about your usage of Public Wireless Internet.

Tell them, how frequently you access the internet from a public hotspot; where are you using WiFi and what are doing on it. Your participation will help the ITRC understand the best ways to help consumers protect themselves while online and on the go. The survey is only ten questions and will take less than a minute to complete.

Concerned About Your Privacy? We Don’t Recommend Facebook’s Recommendations Bar

If you’ve surfed sites like Mashable, Wetpaint and The Mirror in the past week, you may have noticed a little plug-in widget on the bottom right hand corner of the screen (see the screenshot at left). This little handy box is called the “Recommendations Bar,” and it is the latest way that Facebook plans to make content more social.  But it also might be just another invasion of user privacy.

Finding New Friends Nearby with Facebook: The Social Media Privacy Report

Last weekend, Facebook discreetly launched a new mobile feature: Friendshake, a.k.a. Find Friends Nearby.  Initially available via the mobile website and then offered — while still subtly hidden — in the app version of Facebook, the feature was designed to allow users to find potential new friends located in local proximity.  And just as quickly and quietly as the feature appeared, it was pulled from the Facebook experience.

LinkedIn Hack: Member Passwords Compromised in Security Breach

Earlier this week, reports of a major security breach at LinkedIn surfaced as 6.5 million member passwords were uploaded to a Russian hacker website. On the network’s blog, the company confirmed that such allegations were true.

If you are unsure whether your account was impacted by the breach, you can use a secure tool from the password management firm LastPass, according to Mashable. For the latest tips on keeping your LinkedIn account secure, visit our How-To section on Managing Your LinkedIn Private Settings.

Facebook “Likes” Your Organs: The Legal and Privacy Implications

Earlier this week, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Founder of Facebook, announced on Good Morning America, the site was introducing what he called a “life saving” feature. As part of the Timeline, users can now add their organ donor status. Although a groundbreaking move that could very well save many lives, the privacy and legal community have much to say about this latest Facebook feature.

Pinterest and Privacy

Are you pinning? Since the rise of Pinterest earlier this year, pinning is the new craze in social media. But what are the privacy implications of this network? Read more to find out.