Author: Jillian Ryan

Introducing DataCompress: A Data Savings App for your Mobile Device

Is your phone a data hog? If so, we have some good news. The makers of PRIVATE WiFi, have a new product on the market to help users improve their Internet experience. With the launch of DataCompress, Android users can cut their mobile data use by up to 50%*. This new app let’s you get the right-sized content, fast! This means using less of your plan as you get more value out of it.

Holiday Shopping Goes Mobile: Be Cyber Secure [INFOGRAPHIC]

As the holiday shopping bustle approaches, don’t just think about buying the perfect gift and getting a great deal. For a happy and healthy season, remember that being cyber secure when you make your holiday purchases online is just as important!

This year PRIVATE WiFi has teamed up with the National Cyber Security Alliance to help consumers be safe online when using their mobile devices are they shop. Check out our infographic learn more about the the threats of holiday shopping on the go and follow our five tips for cyber secure shopping.

Wireless Safety Tips for Travelers from PRIVATE WiFi and STOP.THINK.CONNECT.: [INFOGRAPHIC]

Warning: There is an invisible safety threat that you will encounter on your next vacation. No matter where you are going or when, you will likely encounter WiFi on your journey. While the convenience of such a connection is alluring to any vacationer, understanding the dangers associated with using that wireless hotspot are paramount and it is up to you to protect yourself.

Are You Protected From Hackers on Public WiFi? [INFOGRAPHIC]

During tax season and beyond, it is hard to go a day without seeing a sign for free public WiFi at a local coffee shop, library, restaurant, airport, hotel, train station and countless other locations.  No matter where we go, WiFi is around us. While having instantaneous and constant access to wireless hotspots can be convenient, they also come with dangers and risks. Have you ever asked yourself whether you are protected against hackers and threats when using public WiFi?

Data Privacy Day Kick-Off Event Tackles the Big Privacy Issues

It was a cold, harsh day in Washington, DC, on Tuesday, January 28, but that didn’t stop more than 100 attendees from the privacy and technology sector from gathering at the Pew Charitable Trusts for Data Privacy Day (DPD) 2014, sponsored by Stay Safe Online. As a first-time small business sponsor, PRIVATE WiFi wanted a seat up close and center to hear from nearly a dozen thought leaders on their views on respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust.

You Are What You Type: Facebook Tracks What You Decide Not to Post

We all do it: start typing into the status update bar on Facebook and then use our (better) judgment to delete those thoughts and not share them with the world. Facebook calls it “self-censorship,” and according to a report by Slate’ s Jennifer Golbeck, the social network has been tracking and studying our unpublished thoughts.

Put simply: the posts that you have consciously decided to not share, are being analyzed by Facebook. Read on to discover how Facebook did this as well as what it means for your privacy now and in the future.

Data Privacy Day 2014 is Approaching: PRIVATE WiFi is a Small Business Sponsor

With less than two months until Data Privacy Day on January 28, 2014, excitement is growing and PRIVATE WiFI is proud to be in on the action. As a day of awareness to focus on respecting privacy, safeguarding data, and enabling trust for all digital users, Data Privacy Day (DPD) has been coordinated by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NSCA) since 2008.

Also, be sure to join us as we co-host tomorrow’s Twitter Chat — #ChatDPD — on Wednesday, December 11 at 3pm ET.

Video Challenge Winners: Creative Shorts Take Home the Prize

Using this musical skit from Pants on Fire as their inspiration, we challenged our Facebook fans to create a short video about PRIVATE WiFi. While all of the entries in our “It’s PRIVATE WIFI:” Video Challenge showed great promise, only two could walk away victorious. And here they are: Lincoln Hawks and Travis Moulding!

Facebook’s ‘Free’ WiFi Could Cost You More Than a Check-in

Earlier this month Facebook announced its partnership with Cisco; the two tech companies have teamed up to provide free WiFi access at local businesses. On the surface the price-tag will be a measly Facebook check-in. In actuality, this “free” WiFi might end up costing users more than they know. Read on to learn more about how this program will work and what you can do to keep your data safe.

The Suitcase Entrepreneur Endorses PRIVATE WiFi

In her recent book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, Natalie Sisson delivers a practical guide to becoming a digital nomad — someone who lives out of their suitcase and travels the world while still running a successful virtual business with just their laptop and internet connection. With this freedom-based lifestyle, Sisson outlines actionable details on how to build a sustainable career.  Her how-to book is filled with firsthand experiences and her favorite tips and tools that every true suitcase entrepreneur needs to be successful.

As an internet connection is one of the most coveted things that any nomadic businessperson covets, PRIVATE WiFi is one of the featured tools in Sisson’s book.