Author: Eva Velasquez

Attorney General Eric Holder Targeted for Tax Identity Theft

In a cruel twist of irony, U. S. Attorney General Eric Holder became a target of attempted tax identity theft just as the Justice Department is taking steps to fight such crimes.  Holder is calling for a national data breach law, requiring companies that have suffered a breach to be transparent and notify consumers of breaches.

Privacy: Now a Mainstream Issue

Privacy is just now becoming a mainstream issue with the general public and we at the Identity Theft Resource Center are witnessing this changing tide firsthand. While we don’t have any long-term studies to support and prove this new trend, we can see, anecdotally, that consumers are more curious about how privacy issues will affect them, even when they are not victims of identity theft or a data breach. Here is our take on how privacy went from fringe to mainstream.

Secure Payments: Is EMV for Me?

In light of recent credit card fraud incidents at national retailers such as Target and Neiman Marcus, Americans are looking to alternative technology to the standard magnetic strip used on credit cards, widely used since the 1960s.

EMV includes a chip, where the data is encrypted and much harder to access or duplicate. It offers more protection to consumers and reduces fraud risks than the somewhat ancient magnetic strip technology. So it is for you?

The State of Tax Identity Theft in 2014

In 2012 the Internal Revenue Service paid out $4 billion in fraudulent returns due to identity theft. As tax season is upon us, the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) wants to help arm consumers with the tools to prevent Tax Identity Theft, the second highest case the ITRC manages, especially during this time of year. Read on to discover the state of Tax Identity Theft in 2014.

Data Breach Checklist: Lessons to be Learned from Target

The Target data breach that became news on Thursday December 19th had a significant impact on the Identity Theft Resource Center’s call center. The question most frequently asked: I know that I am only one of millions of affected, but what does this really MEAN to me personally? The ITRC gives some pointers of how consumers can handle the Target breach and other data breaches in the future.

3 Tips for Talking to Your Child About Identity Theft

As an adult, you’re aware that even though your identity isn’t a tangible thing,  it can be stolen. But do your kids understand these complex topics? As we move further into the digital age, the lessons we must teach our children are changing.

Click to learn three tips from the Identity Theft Resource Center – simple, easy ways you and your children can protect against identity theft and cybercrime.


Fingerprint Biometrics: Just How Safe is the iPhone 5s Touch ID System?

Featuring the new “fingerprint sensor” Touch ID, the Apple iPhone 5s was released last week. Yet only two days after the release of the new phone, Germany’s Chaos Computer Club claims it already cracked the Touch ID system! Although there are positives to using biometric authentication, there are also areas of concern when it comes to your security. Click to learn more.

Health Insurance Exchange & Online Safety

With the open enrollment period for Health Insurance Exchange websites right around the corner — October 1, 2013 — the Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) recently issued a scam alert warning consumers to be aware of fake databases. The most frequently asked questions from consumers have been “are the databases safe?” and “is my information secure?”

Read on to discover the ITRC’s assessment of the risk and for tips on how to keep your medical data safe.