Wifi Security is Essential For Freelancers


Freelancers earn their living while working remotely and according to a recent article from Freelance Switch, keeping client information and data private is of the utmost importance when using public wifi hotspots. Author Sean Hodge heeds this warning to his readers, “Keep in mind what you’re logging into, and what data are you potentially making vulnerable while working on client’s work. If you do client work on open WiFi networks, then PRIVATE WiFi™ is a solid solution to put in place.”

Recommending PRIVATE WiFi as the personal VPN of choice, Hodge writes, “It creates a secure, encrypted pathway between your computer and their servers. So all the data coming into and out of your computer is unreadable to any lurking data thieves. PRIVATE WiFi is a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that uses industry standard 128-bit encryption. This is a secure solution that will allow you to buy things on Amazon without that nagging fear of someone grabbing your credit card info.”

Reminding his readers that the software is easy to install and operates in the background of the computer with minimal intrusion, Hodge calls PRIVATE WiFi “affordable” and a “must-have” solution. He suggests that freelancers download a free 3 day-trial with no commitment to give the security software a test.

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Jillian Ryan

Jillian Ryan is PRIVATE WiFi's Director, Brand Communications and Social Strategy. With a passion for writing, the web, and fast-paced information exchanged via social networks, Jillian is also concerned about the ramifications of putting your life details and personal data into cyberspace. Follow her on Twitter: @Writing_Jillian.

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