Tweet Tweet: Private WiFi’s Social Media Privacy Contest Coverage Revisited


Private WiFi’s Social Media Ambassador, Jillian Ryan, had an interview with a leading social media marketing community a few weeks back and we’re excited to share the story with our readers!

As a reminder, Private WiFi held a Twitter contest from July 12 to July 22 promoting the importance of online safety.

“When you use public wifi hotspots, you are vulnerable to hackers who can sniff your unprotected connection. Using the radio waves of wifi, these cyber crooks can steal your private and personal information out of thin air; everything from your credit card numbers, bank codes, and email transmissions are up for grabs,” explains Ryan.

With the hashtag #ilikeprivacy, users were able to go to our Twitter page, tweet about online privacy/security concerns, and earn a chance to win an American Express gift card.

With such a wide swath of people on Twitter — including privacy advocates, security experts, technology influencers, and average consumers and Internet users — this social media contest was a great way to spread the word about being safer online.

Here is a rundown of the contest winners:

  • Third place, $100: George Jenkins (@IveBeenMugged) of Dorchester, MA: “Banks selling consumers’ debit card shopping habits to 3rd parties. Broken trust & don’t know where data goes.”
  • Second place, $200: Kelly Elswick (@AngelMom037) from Garden City, MI: “I worry about buying online as my debit card # was stolen last year and used to purchase things overseas.”
  • First place, $300: Melanie Dieh (@katmagick) from Susquehanna, PA: “I really worry about public WiFi connections and how secure or unsecure, they really are.”

Interestingly, our third place winner also maintains a helpful consumer privacy blog appropriately called I’ve Been Mugged.

Jenkins points out that he started his blog about identity theft, identity fraud, data breaches, and corporate responsibility after a former employer allegedly exposed his sensitive personal data during a February 2007 data breach. While researching data breaches and corporate responses, he says he learned “that many consumers knew as little as I knew before I started this blog.”

Scary indeed — and worth a read! Stay tuned for future contest announcements, too.


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.