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Internet Security: The Hacker’s Dictionary

Don’t log on to any WiFi connection until you check out a new hacker’s dictionary that could help you prevent computer and Internet security attacks. Fast Company shares terms in the dictionary, such as “adger” and “spim,” among other terms, that are used by hackers who are “feared by many, glorified by some. Companies are formed with the sole intent of fighting them. Governments dedicate resources to protect against them and hunt them down. They are hackers, and some say they have the only thing keeping them from taking over our digital world is lack of organization. For now.”

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Identity Theft: Privacy Concerns Fly As Commerce Department Plans to Create Internet IDs

The U.S. Commerce Department has announced plans to give each American a unique Internet ID in an effort to stem cybercrime and identity fraud. However, some question whether a group whose purpose is to oversee how Americans buy, sell, and trade goods is the best choice for assigning these Internet IDs.

Wifi Withdrawal Can Be Scary

If you’re a millennial, connecting to WiFi is more important than coffee, TV and who knows what else. What are you willing to do to get connected?

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Tracking Kids’ Online Behavior May Diminish Computer Privacy

A company called School Safety Partners shares the top-10 privacy and liability risks for parents signing up for online monitoring and anti-bullying programs. After all, almost all monitoring companies reserve the right to change their privacy policies or the terms of how your information is shared at any time without notice.

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Home Sweet Hack

Think your home wireless network is safe from intruders? Maybe or maybe not. For cybercrooks intent on stealing your valuables, an unsecured wireless connection can make WiFi hacking a lot easier than breaking and entering.

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Computer Privacy, Internet Freedom, and the ‘Open Internet’ Apps Challenge

The FCC has announced a challenge for researchers, inventors, and software developers to create apps that allow users to monitor and protect Internet openness. Some call this contest a mere side-note to the brouhaha over how net neutrality rules will either destroy capitalism as we know it or cement the power of the wireless oligarchs.


Private Communication? The iPhone, iPad Meet Skype Video

Available on both 3G and WiFi networks, new Skype 3.0 upgrades support making video calls on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and 4th-generation iPod touch. It also enables users to receive video calls on the iPad and the 3rd-generation iPod touch. But are you sure your privacy is protected on Skype?


Hacking Incorporated: The Target is Your Wireless Data

In the Wireless Age, hackers are becoming big time entrepreneurs, joining forces with others in multinational white collar organizations dedicated to cybercrime. Their target is your wireless data.

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Internet Security In a WikiLeaks Age

In this interview on The Huffington Post, a security adviser warns that “large-scale attacks on individual citizens, exploiting their online lives through bank accounts, social networking, and professional networks” could aim to “disrupt our connected lives.”