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Government Agency Defines ‘Cloud Computing’ Security, Privacy Standards

If you’ve ever shared your Google calendar or created a Google document, for example, you have been “on the cloud,” an effort to create shared documents from any location. But there are major security risks to sharing documents over a public cloud network, and that’s why a government agency has issued its own set of security warnings.

do not track

Online Privacy: The “Do Not Track” Pact

CEO Kent Lawson tackles the controversy surrounding the proposed “Do Not Track” legislation and how it may limit advertisers from knowing about your Web-browsing habits. What worries you most about your online privacy? Where do you stand on the proposed new rules?

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California Supreme Court: No Warrant Needed For Cell Phone Search

Be careful what you text in California. A new law says police officers do not need a search warrant to search your phone, potentially stripping privacy rights to your text messages, phone records, emails, photos, videos, and anything else you keep on your smartphone. But what about the Fourth Amendment, you ask? Exactly. If you haven’t password-protected your smartphone, now may be the time to take the extra step.

net neutrality

Computer Privacy, Internet Freedom, and the ‘Open Internet’ Apps Challenge

The FCC has announced a challenge for researchers, inventors, and software developers to create apps that allow users to monitor and protect Internet openness. Some call this contest a mere side-note to the brouhaha over how net neutrality rules will either destroy capitalism as we know it or cement the power of the wireless oligarchs.


What Is a VPN?: Ask the Expert

This is the first “Ask the Expert” column in which Private WiFi CEO and computer security expert Kent Lawson responds to readers’ questions. This column will be an ongoing, monthly series, and this inaugural column discusses VPNs and their importance in staying protected online.

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Mobile Anonymity: Get App-Smart

Do you like listening to Pandora and playing Angry Birds? Advertisers know it, too. Smartphone users are all but powerless to limit tracking among the apps they download, according to the findings of a new Wall Street Journal report that tested consumer privacy on 101 apps. Many companies allegedly sold consumer details gathered from these apps to various ad networks.

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How Far is Too Far? (Part 1 of 2)

In Part 1 of this two-part series, Private WiFi CEO Kent Lawson discusses the extent of personal tracking that is taking place online – and what amount, if any, goes too far.