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Someone Hacked Into WiFi Signal At Best Buy, Uploaded Offensive Content to 55″ TV Screen

It was an eye-opening event at a Best Buy in Greenville, South Carolina, after someone allegedly hacked into the wifi signal within the store and uploaded offensive adult material on a 55-inch TV screen.

The store had to apologize to one woman who was there shopping with her grandchildren. According to this article, “the technical ease with which this event occurred should sound an alarm for all retailers who have or sell similar wifi-enabled devices. Fortunately for Best Buy, the scope of the event was narrow.”

Got Personal VPN? Cisco Highlights Major Privacy Vulnerabilities of Wifi Hotspots

From session hijacking to session sidejacking, do you know all your vulnerable points in wifi hotspots?

If not, check out a new white paper from Cisco called “The Future of Hotspots: Making Wi-Fi as Secure and Easy to Use as Cellular.”

We have warned about these kinds of hotspot attacks for years, but it is significant that Cisco agrees with our analysis. After all, Cisco is the largest manufacturer of wifi equipment, having shipped 10 million wifi access points to customers.

If they are saying that wifi hotspots are inherently vulnerable to attacks, you can be sure that they know what they are talking about.

Video: Google Wallet Security Risks

Security researchers have apparently found a vulnerability in Google’s mobile payments platform. The video below says the problem is currently available in phones sold by Sprint Nextel.

Shopping Online for Your Valentine Can Lead to Cybercrime: How to Protect Your Identity from Heartless Hackers

It’s that time of year when Cupid’s arrows send millions of love struck consumers online to buy something special for their Valentine. But there’s a good chance that cute little cherub infecting us with the love bug could be a cybercriminal in disguise. Find how to spot online Valentine’s Day scammers looking to steal your identity and empty your wallet.


Wifi Hacking and Identity Theft Rise on the Road: How to Protect Yourself When You Travel

When Americans hit the road, identity theft goes through the roof. That’s because travelers rely more heavily on wireless devices that can be hacked or lost.  They’re also distracted or disoriented when they’re away from home which makes them ideal targets for data thieves. Learn what you can to do to prevent your life from being stolen when you’re away from home.


Protect Against Online Identity Theft In Hotel Lobbies, Airports This Holiday Season

CBS News has assembled a list of ways to prevent becoming a victim of online identity theft during the holiday season. Check it out here.

Identity thieves prey on holiday travelers at airports and hotel lobbies. Bridget Carey, senior editor at CNET.com talks to Erica Hill and Chris Wragge and offers tips on how to protect yourself while on the road for the holidays. Watch the full video here.

A Handy List of Airports Offering Free Skype Wifi This Week

Skype has just announced it is offering free wifi in 60 U.S. airports through December 27.

The service is available to travelers on PCs, Macs, and iPhones.

While a company spokesperson says its efforts are aimed at “helping people maintain meaningful connections this holiday season from wherever they may be,” privacy-savvy travelers should limit what they share online in wireless networks. It’s always best to avoid accessing sensitive information over wireless networks unless the data is encrypted with a personal VPN like PRIVATE WiFi.

Here’s a handy list to remind you where to find Skype’s limited free offering: