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Is That Really Your Face…book?

Many people spend a lot of time on Facebook, often “chatting” with friends. But are you really chatting with your friends? Facebook hacking is becoming more prevalent. Here are some warning signs that friends’ accounts have been hacked, and tips to help you avoid becoming a victim too.

Missouri State Capitol’s Free Wifi Leads to Hacking of Politicians’ Facebook Profiles

Several Missouri politicians (three Republican legislators, one Democratic legislator, and one Republican staffer) have been the victims of an apparent hack attack at the Missouri State Capitol building after using free WiFi instead of a secure, encrypted connection. This article on St. Louis Today points out that a “free, open wireless network for House visitors and legislators serves as a virtual welcome mat for hackers.” An example of an embarrassing status update posted for hours to the personal Facebook page of one State Representative declared: “I love lobbyist! [sic] All the free food and stuff you get. This job is awesome!”

Computer Privacy: Two Are Charged With Fraud in iPad Security Breach

Two men who are associated with a loose group of hackers and programmers, and who have previously exposed the security vulnerabilities on Apple computing devices, have been arrested for conspiracy to access a computer without authorization and one count of fraud. The New York Times reports that some think blame could be “leveled at both sides” since the men claimed “all data was gathered from a public Web server with no password, accessible by anyone on the Internet.”


Internet Security: The Hacker’s Dictionary

Don’t log on to any WiFi connection until you check out a new hacker’s dictionary that could help you prevent computer and Internet security attacks. Fast Company shares terms in the dictionary, such as “adger” and “spim,” among other terms, that are used by hackers who are “feared by many, glorified by some. Companies are formed with the sole intent of fighting them. Governments dedicate resources to protect against them and hunt them down. They are hackers, and some say they have the only thing keeping them from taking over our digital world is lack of organization. For now.”

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Home Sweet Hack

Think your home wireless network is safe from intruders? Maybe or maybe not. For cybercrooks intent on stealing your valuables, an unsecured wireless connection can make WiFi hacking a lot easier than breaking and entering.


What Is a VPN?: Ask the Expert

This is the first “Ask the Expert” column in which Private WiFi CEO and computer security expert Kent Lawson responds to readers’ questions. This column will be an ongoing, monthly series, and this inaugural column discusses VPNs and their importance in staying protected online.

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Public Wifi Tempts by Land and Rail

In attempts to stay competitive with the airline industry, train service and bus companies are going high-tech, installing more electrical plugs to allow riders to charge devices and unveiling free WiFi from coast to coast. But are you being careful about protecting yourself on the road?

Online Privacy: Good Guys and Bad Guys, Part 2

This is the second in a two-part series on the issues of personal online privacy. In Part 2, CEO Kent Lawson discusses the ethics behind Firesheep, a controversial download developed by Seattle-based programmer Eric Butler.

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Online Privacy: Good Guys and Bad Guys, Part 1

This is the first in a two-part series on the issues of personal privacy on the web. In Part 1, CEO Kent Lawson commends the Wall Street Journal for being a “good guy” — a solid media outlet committed to investigating the ways that businesses use our personal information, sometimes in shocking ways.