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PRIVATE WiFi’s New ‘Second Life’ Storefront Attracts Privacy-Savvy Virtual Customers

Ever heard of Second Life, the 3-D virtual world that lets users live a life without boundaries? Second Life is an economic hub whose marketplace supports millions of U.S. dollars in monthly transactions. The Second Life “Linden dollar” currency can be converted to U.S. dollars through online currency exchanges. Dozens of multinational corporations like IBM, Dell, and Verizon — and now Private Communications Corp — have flocked to Second Life. Read on to find out all about our virtual presence in Second Life and the privacy-savvy customers who are drawn to the Private WiFi software.


New York Times: Hacking Tools Pose Bigger Threats to Wifi Users

The New York Times has published an article discussing the various issues this very website is dedicated to promoting, including data privacy breaches, hack attacks, encryption, public WiFi threats, identity theft, passwords, and other similar worries about our online safety and privacy. We applaud the New York Times for bringing these issues to light. There is still much work to be done, however, as the problem is multi-pronged and we’ve literally only scratched the surface.

home hacking

Home Sweet Hack

Think your home wireless network is safe from intruders? Maybe or maybe not. For cybercrooks intent on stealing your valuables, an unsecured wireless connection can make WiFi hacking a lot easier than breaking and entering.

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Public Wifi Tempts by Land and Rail

In attempts to stay competitive with the airline industry, train service and bus companies are going high-tech, installing more electrical plugs to allow riders to charge devices and unveiling free WiFi from coast to coast. But are you being careful about protecting yourself on the road?


Wifi Hacking: Downloads to Defend Against Firesheep

Thanks to Firesheep, even novice hackers without any special skills –- you, your grandmother, your 10-year-old nephew — can spy on anyone’s Internet activity in a WiFi hotspot. That means your activities on sites lacking proper encryption — including Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, and FourSquare — are at risk.

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Online Privacy: Turn On, Tune In, ‘Opt Out’

Turn on, tune in, opt out…it may become the new slogan as more and more people seek easy ways to stay safe in public WiFi hotspots and shield their online browsing – whether wired or wireless – from cyber-criminals and nosy advertisers. Read on to learn simple safety protocols you can implement today.


Why I Started PRIVATE WiFi

Kent Lawson, Founder and CEO of Private WiFi, talks about what inspired him to start the company. This is the first in a series of weekly CEO blog posts on this and other topics.