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Canadian Accuses Airport of Wifi Privacy Abuse

A frequent traveler has challenged the WiFi log-in requirements at Calgary International Airport and said he will not use the airport’s WiFi until the policy changes. According to Canada’s CBC News, one of the log-in options connects through Facebook, but “users hooking up through Facebook must agree to provide access to the personal information on their Facebook accounts,” which potentially could be shared with third parties and others who may violate consumer’s computer privacy rights.

Online Privacy Diminishes with Facebook and Users Keep Coming Back For More: The Social Media Privacy Report

This week’s installment of the Social Media Privacy Report examines the discrepancy between growing online security concerns among experts and internet users’ apathetic attitude towards the threat to their internet safety and privacy. Meanwhile, Facebook remains at the pinnacle of the social media frenzy and despite web protection issues, it continues to thrive.

Prankster Tweets as New York Governor Cuomo

After discovering the State of New York had set up a @NYGovernor Twitter account for the governor — who was instead using @NYGovCuomo — an alleged prankster decided to pose as the governor. The New York Times reports that within days, he had several hundred followers corresponding with the fake identity, all oblivious to the ruse.