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Data Protection: Filing Taxes — Yes, There’s An App for That!

Do you trust your mobile phone to handle something as complex as filing your taxes? The New York Times reports that the creator of TurboTax software has created a smartphone application to allow users to file, for $15 each, the basic 1040EZ by photographing their W-2 form.The problem may be that “SnapTax offers the possibility of doing taxes in “atypical locations” which could mean users’ online privacy may be compromised if taxes are filed via an insecure network.

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How Far is Too Far? (Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 of this series discussed how companies can track our location, but that is just one piece of information in “the new normal” of what marketers can find out about us. Now in Part 2, check out how our travels around the Internet leave digital fingerprints all over the place.


Private Communication? The iPhone, iPad Meet Skype Video

Available on both 3G and WiFi networks, new Skype 3.0 upgrades support making video calls on the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and 4th-generation iPod touch. It also enables users to receive video calls on the iPad and the 3rd-generation iPod touch. But are you sure your privacy is protected on Skype?

Data Leaks: Apple Sued Over App Privacy

Two class-action lawsuits have been filed against Apple, alleging that the company does not do enough to enforce its privacy policy or restrict use of unique IDs, which is how advertisers track and identify individuals. This BBC News story suggests that one of the law firms may also sue Google as it feels that the Android applications leak personal data.

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Mobile Anonymity: Get App-Smart

Do you like listening to Pandora and playing Angry Birds? Advertisers know it, too. Smartphone users are all but powerless to limit tracking among the apps they download, according to the findings of a new Wall Street Journal report that tested consumer privacy on 101 apps. Many companies allegedly sold consumer details gathered from these apps to various ad networks.