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‘Identity Thief’ Movie Official Trailer: Prepare to Laugh

Funnywoman Melissa McCarthy, hilarious Jason Bateman, and a movie focused on raising awareness of identity theft? Bring on the popcorn!

The Identity Thief comedy, which premieres February 8, will hopefully raise awareness in a comical way. Click below to check out the trailer and prepare to laugh!

Understanding Why the IRS Issues ‘PIN Numbers’ to Tax-Fraud Victims

It’s Tax Season 2013 but are you taking all necessary steps to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft? Sadly, millions of Americans have already become victims of tax-related fraud and will now need to use a special PIN when filing their returns. Yet another “hurdle” for victims to have to jump through or a benefit for victims?

Also worth listening to is an IRS-produced podcast entitled “Are You a Victim of Identity Theft?” that’s included in this article.


Connecting to WiFi with a Little Help from Your Facebook Friends and a Lot of Access for Your Enemies

If you’re one of the millions of Wifi users constantly looking for new ways to connect, a new free app called Instabridge might sound like just the ticket. The company promises to build the world’s largest Wifi network by letting users connect to their friends’ Wifi via Facebook.

But what would that mean for your wireless security and your privacy? We don’t think you’ll like the answer.


2013 Online Security Tips: New Year’s Resolutions to Protect Against Identity Theft

It is nearing the end of 2012 and it if you haven’t made your new year’s resolution by now, you better get started. This year was a big year for identity theft. From data breaches to new technology, identity thieves were quite active and show no signs of slowing down in 2013. So why not make your new year’s resolution about protecting yourself from identity theft?

Read on for some great examples of resolutions you can make to make sure your 2013 isn’t marred by a nasty case of identity theft.


Military Victims’ Paychecks: A Prime Target for Online Identity Theft

Army Captain Stephen Redmon spent a year serving his country in Iraq. But it wasn’t until the young artillery officer returned home that he fell victim to an unseen enemy that turned his life upside down. Capt. Redmon’s paycheck was stolen online by an identity thief.

He’s not alone. Identity theft is the Number One military complaint reported to the FTC. If you’re in the armed services, find out how you can avoid becoming the next casualty.

The 3 Riskiest Online Mistakes Travelers Make Every Holiday Season

Skim any travel website this holiday season and you’re bound to find an article or two about online security and traveling.  The articles certainly raise awareness of the precarious security situation while in airports and hotels, but they also generally fall short in a few ways.

Read more to learn three tips that supplement any on-the-road security plan to safeguard your sensitive personal information and avoid having your identity (or credit card number) stolen this month.

7 Handy Tips for Safer Online Holiday Shopping

The holiday season is here and that means tons of shopping.

We all want the best deals, which used to mean running from store to store looking a bargain. These days it is much easier to find the best price by comparing websites from the comfort of our laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Read on for seven simple ways to help lower the risks of shopping online.


Thursday Twitter Chat With the ITRC! Learn Tips to Prevent Identity Theft

The Identity Theft Resource Center already spends more time on Twitter than they would like to admit, so they have decided to go ahead and make it official and begin a weekly identity theft twitter chat.

It is the hope of the ITRC that this will help people involved and interested in identity theft connect with one another. Whether those involved are organizations working on identity theft issues, victims of the crime or service providers, these conversations have shown to produce wonderful ideas. The ITRC is sure the weekly identity theft chat will do just that.

Read on to learn more details of this exciting event!


Online Identity Theft Still a Worry, Despite Study’s Claims That ‘Old-Fashioned’ Fraud Bigger Concern

With all due respect to insurance company Travelers, its latest study on identity theft isn’t entirely accurate.

The results — based on what the company calls a “comprehensive study of 2011 Travelers claim data” — shows that even in the digital era, burglary, stolen wallets, and pilfered identifications account for 73% of all cases.

Is most identity fraud really happening the “old-fashioned way” or not? Read more to separate fact from fiction.


Lax State Online Filing Systems Are Fueling Business Identity Theft

It’s no secret that identity theft is the Number One cause of consumer fraud complaints in the U.S. But it’s not widely known that businesses are increasingly being targeted for identity theft. According to Dun and Bradstreet, inadequate data-quality checks have enabled criminals to use government websites to steal the identities of legitimate businesses to perpetrate crimes.

Find out why your company could be the next ID theft victim and what you can do to prevent it.


ID Analytics Study: More Than 10,000 ‘Identity Fraud Rings’ In United States

If you live in the southeast U.S. and/or have a wireless cell plan, this may not be the news you were hoping to read today.

A new study says there are more than 10,000 identity fraud rings in the United States, with some found in Detroit but the highest concentration of fraud mostly in the southeast, specifically Washington D.C.;  Tampa, FL; Greenville, MS, Macon, GA; and Montgomery, AL.

So what will you do today to prevent becoming a victim tomorrow? Read on for more information and tips.