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European Parliament’s Public WiFi Network Shut Down After Man-In-The-Middle Attack

The European Parliament has admitted that it fell victim to a Man-In-The-Middle attack that forced it to shut down its public WiFi network. The hacker involved called it “child’s play” and said nearly anyone is capable of performing a hotspot hack.

How did it happen? Exactly the same way it happens at your local coffee shop, airport, or hotel hotspot — unless, of course, you’re using a personal VPN.

Mobile Workers Logging In From WiFi Hotspots Can Compromise Your Corporate Security

Do your employees surf the Web from their mobile devices using unsecure wireless networks? Do you allow them to connect to your company’s network from WiFi hotspots? If the answer to those questions is yes, you and your employees could be contributing to the epidemic of cybercrime plaguing businesses worldwide.

The Internet of Things: How Safe Is Your Mobile Device and What Else Can Be Done?

Organizations are rapidly embracing the use of mobile devices in their business processes, personal lives, and let’s face it, a messy blend between the two. While this BYOD (bring your own device) trend can improve employees’ work-life balance by allowing for more non-traditional work hours, it can also be a slippery slope for some.

Bring Your Own Device or Bring Your Own Disaster: How BYOD Can Jeopardize Your Company’s Sensitive Information

Bring your own device has become the mantra of millions of employees who want to use their own mobile devices to get the job done wherever they are.  BYOD can mean more freedom, flexibility and productivity for workers in and out of the office.  But it can also open the door a host of security problems for their companies. Find out how your business can prevent bring your own device from turning into bring your own disaster

Is Telecommuting Jeopardizing Your Company’s Network Security?

Employees are leaving the office in record numbers. And thanks to the explosion of wireless devices, they’re connecting to the workplace and accessing data at home and at Wifi hotspots. While that’s produced big savings for companies from lower office costs and increased productivity, it’s also put their network security at risk. Find out why creating a secure mobile environment for telecommuters is critical for protecting every company’s sensitive information.