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For most small business owners, the idea of hiring an IT department to handle computer issues is a pipe dream and not at all financially feasible. These same small business owners — who are busy running their companies and unable to devote energy to researching network encryption and privacy essentials — will say, “We probably don’t have any sensitive stuff to protect.”

And that’s music to cybercriminals’ ears.

That’s why the U.S. Chamber of Commerce recommends that business owners — all employees, actually — adopt fundamental Internet security practices to reduce network weaknesses. In a publication entitled Internet Security Essentials for Business, the national organization says it hopes to make the price of successful hacking increasingly steep:

“Small businesses have an array of information—personnel records, blueprints, tax forms, customer orders, credit reports, and customer payment records—that require protection. Hackers and organized criminals seek to minimize the chances of being detected to maximize the amount of data that they can steal.”

That’s scary stuff, and although no company is immune from an online security breach, inexpensive security options do exist. For example, using a personal VPN can immediately improve the security of your information, computers, and networks.

Indeed, recent media coverage from endorses PRIVATE WiFi™ as a complete solution to the threat of communicating in an unsecured public wireless network. That advice from the niche news outlet – which attracts thousands of readers who rely on the site for current tips and trends — is closely aligned with what the U.S. Chamber recommends.

In the article “Wireless Computing Leaves You Exposed: Here’s A Solution To Be Secure,” editor and technology evangelist Ramon Ray points out that using a public wireless network exposes all data to anyone using the right technology.

Although some sites encrypt that data, the sad reality is that the majority of websites do not ensure their users have that added layer of privacy protection. Why don’t all sites do that? As we’ve pointed out in the past, many websites are simply not capable of redesigning their entire site to a more secure level of encryption. However, since many people don’t actively demand an upgrade to HTTPS either, where is the incentive for companies to invest in better security?

Ramon says PRIVATE WiFi software easily and affordably encrypts your data right from your web browser:

“Every time you connect to the Internet, PRIVATE WiFi automatically activates itself. A taskbar icon at the bottom of your computer’s screen shows you that it’s working.”

Remember, online criminals are depending on people to think they don’t have any sensitive stuff to protect. The reality is identity theft, cybercrime, and other privacy violations happen far more often than people think.

What’s one easy step you’ll take today to better protect yourself? Simply creating a more complex password is a good start, but we’d love to hear in the comments below what other measures you are planning to implement.

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Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.

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