Private WiFi In the News: Hailed As Best Personal VPN Designed For the ‘Non-Techy’ Consumer Market


As CEO Kent Lawson has said, the Private WiFi software solution began because every IT department in a large company offers virtual private networks to employees who travel or spend some time working in their local coffee shops, and he felt it was time to offer a sophisticated yet simple consumer product that offered the same protections.

It’s nice to be recognized for being that simple solution — many thanks to the team at Tech Goes Strong for its recent recommendation of Private WiFi software as the best personal VPN solution for non-techy folks!

Here’s what they had to say about our product:

My recommendation is a new VPN company designed for the non-techy: Private Wi-Fi, founded two years ago by long-time computer software entrepreneur Kent Lawson. Retired for a dozen years, Lawson was pulled back into business by growing concerns about Internet security issues and the vulnerability of wireless communications in Wi-Fi hotspots.

Private Wi-Fi removes all the technical doublespeak found on other VPN sites, and boils down the VPN experience to its basics: sign up, install software – you’re protected.

You get a free three-day trial, then Private Wi-Fi costs $9.95/month or $84.95/year.

Once you sign up, however, don’t expect your Wi-Fi surfing to change. Private Wi-Fi, like all VPNs, protect in the background. Unlike anti-virus software, you don’t get reports of eavesdropping attempts blocked. When the Private Wi-Fi system tray icon glows blue, you know you’re protected. Private Wi-Fi software is available for Windows and Mac laptops. iPhone/iPad and Android apps are in development, due sometime this summer. Each subscription covers one device, but family plans are available.


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.

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