Phishing and Cloning, Oh My: Online Banking and Identity Theft Fears Multiplied


European banking protection firm Affinion International conducted a survey of online bank customers and found a whopping 85% of respondents are worried about online fraud.

Not only that, but 42% of bank customers polled said they have been fraud victims!

No wonder 56% of those polled said they are at least “concerned” — with 29% “very concerned” — about fraud and identity theft.

What worries consumers the most?

Check out these stats:

  1. The greatest fear, at 82%, is credit card cloning.
  2. Coming in second at 81% is fraud from loss or theft of cards.
  3. At third, or 78.6%, is loss from online shopping.
  4. Identity theft concerns 76.6%.
  5. Email phishing worries 64.3%.

Do you think the potential for fraud is multiplied now that there are a variety of sources to worry about? What other risks do you worry about when it comes to your financial well-being?

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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.