Not Using a VPN In Public WiFi Hotspots Means You Can ‘Kiss Your Credit Card Info Goodbye’


A mistake that could cost you BIG — that’s the alarming takeaway message during a recent TV news investigation about the risks of using public WiFi.

But what’s the mistake? Well, have you ever stopped to think about just how “naked” you are when you use public wireless hotspots at cafes, airports, hotels, and beyond?

A recent report from Eyewitness News ABC7 in New York featured reporter Nina Pineda learning how to be a “professional hacker” outside of several public WiFi locations across Manhattan, including Starbucks.

“We won’t disclose how it’s done, but hackers use software and other tools to get between you and the router to see everything you’re doing online,” Pineda explains.

The best way to protect your sensitive personal information in a public WiFi hotspot? Surf securely by using a personal VPN like PRIVATE WiFi, company founder Kent Lawson tells Pineda. A personal VPN encrypts all  of your sensitive data in a “secure tunnel” keeping your data secure.

Without the use of a personal VPN — and adding online security tips like clearing your data and logging out of personal accounts — you can probably “kiss your credit card info goodbye,” Pineda adds, incredulously.

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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.