Network World Declares PRIVATE WiFi One of 20 ‘Essential’ iPhone, iPad Apps


PRIVATE WiFi on Network WorldSome exciting news around our offices today that we wanted to share with long-time fans and readers: Network World today hailed PRIVATE WiFi as one of 20 essential business apps for the iPhone and iPad! It’s an honor to be included with this esteemed list of companies providing exemplary — and essential — products that make mobile devices even more powerful for business users.

Smartphones and tablets are increasingly more popular devices for business, but sometimes it’s easy to forget that the same wireless security risks apply. What happens when people use public WiFi without a personal VPN — often called encryption — is that they become extremely vulnerable to hacking, identity theft, credit fraud, and a host of other privacy violations.

As the new Network World review points out, a VPN on your iPhone or iPad means “you essentially become invisible to would-be hackers” because the encrypted information going into and out of your device is routed through secure servers.

Network World joins an array of leading media outlets — including The New York Times — that endorses the use of a personal VPN like PRIVATE WiFi. In fact, even the Wi-Fi Alliance, the leading global industry association devoted to wireless connectivity, endorses a personal VPN in WiFi hotspots (airports, hotels, parks, cafes, and restaurants).

Remember — protecting your personal data when accessing a public WiFi hotspot is a personal responsibility — not something you can rely on via the hotspot provider or website.


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.