More Consumers Turn to Mobile to Research, Book Travel


Ever have a day where you hop off your laptop and straight onto the iPad? With your iPhone safely by your side, of course? Then you’re not alone, according to new mobile trend insights from location-based mobile ad platform JiWire.

The primary take-away is that multi-device usage is quickly becoming the norm in consumer behavior. The findings were based on a first-quarter survey of 1,300 randomly selected customers across the JiWire network of 315,000 public WiFi locations. Check out some of these statistics and ask yourself how many sound like your online mobile behavior.

  • 52% of consumers used a mobile device to book travel in the last 90 days
  • Multi-device usage is rapidly increasing for travel-related research and purchases
  • 44% of consumers are willing to spend over $500 when booking travel from a mobile device
  • Mobile apps are the preferred resource over mobile sites for travel research and purchasing
  • Smartphones and tablets continue to lead the charge for public WiFi connections

Not surprisingly, leisure travelers are more influenced by promotions and discounts, while business travelers are more interested in receiving loyalty program benefit.

Overall, in the first quarter, mobile devices made up 60% of WiFi connections, up from 45% a year ago. Smartphones accounted for 38%, and tablets, 22%, while laptops fell to 40%. Tablets continued to be the fastest-growing device for the second straight quarter. They are used most commonly in airports (28%) but have become more prevalent in hotels (23%), malls (15%) and cafes (13%) in the last year.


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.