How Often Do You Use Public WiFi?


If you are hooked to your mobile device, you probably spend a good chunk of time logged onto a wireless network. While staying connected is important, the Identity Theft Resource Center wants to learn a little more about your usage of Public Wireless Internet.

Tell them, how frequently you access the internet from a public hotspot; where are you using WiFi and what are doing on it. Your participation will help the ITRC understand the best ways to help consumers protect themselves while online and on the go. The survey is only ten questions and will take less than a minute to complete.

Take the time to help the ITRC, here.

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Jillian Ryan

Jillian Ryan is PRIVATE WiFi's Director, Brand Communications and Social Strategy. With a passion for writing, the web, and fast-paced information exchanged via social networks, Jillian is also concerned about the ramifications of putting your life details and personal data into cyberspace. Follow her on Twitter: @Writing_Jillian.

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