From the Guardian to Chicago Sun-Times, Personal VPN Recommendations Keep Coming


We’ve heard from The Huffington Post, we’ve heard from The New York Times, but this latest recommendation to use a personal virtual private network (VPN) is definitely the best and most direct so far:

“Well, why are you sending data in clear text over open networks, anyway? You should never ever do that.”

So states the Chicago Sun-Times, the latest major media outlet to come out with an endorsement for a personal VPN like Private WiFi.

The Sun-Times also points out that “man in the middle” attacks have never been easier to pull off, noting the following:

“Simple, easy-to-obtain hardware and software allow a notebook or even a pocket device to masquerade as the trusted open WiFi of your local library or coffee shop. Your phone or computer reconnects to it and logs you in to your mail or an online service without your even asking it to.”

That’s why it’s so important to use a personal VPN to encrypt everything you do. For example, just last week The Guardian’s tech writer Jack Schofield suggested the following:

“Today, many individuals are using VPNs for the security and privacy they provide. Some people use VPNs at WiFi hotspots to prevent snoopers from collecting private information. Others use VPNs at home as a way to get around ISPs and service providers blocking certain websites, which may include Pirate Bay, Facebook and BBC iPlayer. Of course, cybercriminals also use VPNs and anonymous proxy servers, though Tor might be a more likely prospect.”

After all, a VPN simply creates a virtual “tunnel” of encrypted data running over the public Internet. Most people already use firewalls and anti-virus to protect their desktops and laptops — but when people use public WiFi without any privacy, they become extremely vulnerable to hacking, identity theft, credit fraud, and a host of other privacy violations.

Indeed, The New York Times yet again suggested why it’s not safe to go without a personal VPN. Last week’s Times column pointed out the following scary facts:

“Intruders can intercept data sent back and forth on unprotected wireless networks, so you should never send information like financial account passwords, Social Security numbers or payment information over unsecure and unencrypted connections. If possible, try to use your company’s virtual private network (if it has one) or a similar commercial service to keep your connections encrypted.”


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.