FBI: Beware Of Malware Installed Via Hotel Networks


Forbes featured an in-depth article this week about the risks inherent in hotel wireless networks. It highlights the importance of using a personal virtual private network (VPN).

The article includes new warnings from the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center — for example, tips such as “download software updates direct from the vendor’s website” — but the Forbes writer opines further and offers the following words of advice:

In addition to this, I would recommend that all important information — including, but not limited to, emails, documents, IMs and web logins — is sent over secure HTTP or a VPN.

Indeed, as we’ve written in the past, there are gaping security holes when using wireless in hotels.  There are even risks while using cable Internet connections, since there are several ways to hack hotel local area networks, but two of the main ones carry the colorful names of “promiscuous monitoring” and “ARP spoofing.”

Ultimately, the only way to protect yourself in hotels, whether using WiFi or a cable connection, is to use a virtual private network like Private WiFi.


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.