Facebook Graphic: Know Which Posts Are Public, Which Are Private, When to Speak Up, and When to Stay Silent


Facebook PrivacyWe just love this chart! It simplifies the fine art of knowing when to bite your virtual tongue on Facebook, or rather, when to post whatever you want without using a filter.

Let’s say you don’t want your comments to be public record. Then look for the “friends only” logo that indicates your comment will be visible to only your friend’s friends. Or are you the type that doesn’t really care? Then you can leave comments on any post that has a “globe” logo — it indicates that the post’s setting is public and so your comments can be seen by anyone.

Of course, the old advice of “don’t write anything you wouldn’t say to someone’s face” is appropriate here too. We all know that Facebook security settings have been known to change.

And, of course, it’s never a wise idea to leave comments on someone’s page that tells them where you bank, when you’re leaving for vacation, where your kids attend school, how you just bought a new TV/camera, or anything else that would make you especially attractive to a burglar (or cyber-crook) looking to cash in on your loose lips.

Big thanks to Jay Shepherd (@jayshep on Twitter) for creating this cool guide!


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Elaine Rigoli

Elaine Rigoli is PRIVATE WiFi's manager of digital content strategy.